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I fucking hate my Dad. He's a 21 year sargeant with a Guards regiment and he's a complete tool. When I got booted from the ACF for drinking cider out back the compound, he actually STRUCK me and hauled me out of the parking lot by my ear!!!! Everyone saw it , too. I've considered just laying in wait for him with a cricket bat, but I'm actually scared of gaol, so i FIGURE i'LL JUST GO TO HIS aDJDENT AND TELL HIM ABOUT THE CHILD ABUSE. Sorry for the caps, but I'm pretty hot right now, and if screaming helps, so bee it. My question is: what rules/laws has he broken. Can I have him charged? Thanks in advace for any advice.
My suggestion would be go to the police or indeed his adjutant rather than here. How old are you? The main concern is what rules have you broken.

You also sound somewhat american, Where you struggling with you dad? It could be seen as reasonable force. You have been caught doing something you should not have been and are trying to wreck your old man's career because you got a telling off.

Learn to spell, Do some growing up and think about your own actions before you start trying to throw a spanner in the works for your dad.


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Your choices are as follows:

Deep fry your head

Eat shit and die

take a massive overdose of Paracetamol and Brufen and die in an entertainingly painful manner
These hedge babies are getting wise to posting total shoite in the grown up sections.

Either that, or it's a thinly disguised cunning plan to get the more, er, robust members to enter the ROP beartrap...
I suspect a windup, however, if it is real, if you were my son I would be deeply ashamed to have spawned such a malevolent, underhand, cowardly, ungrateful, generally repugnant and spiteful little creature.
Take this very real advice, If your old man has committed an offence report it through the proper channels not an anonymous website, If indeed something has been done wrong he will get what he deserves. However he may have acted completely appropriately. You are lucky you only got an ear pulling and a wallop (Was it a slap or a punch) where did the slap or punch land on you? what where you doing at this point?

There are three sides to every story. In this case yours, Your dad's and somewhere in the middle the truth.

Grow up, your 16 years old your nearly an adult. However you are not old enough to have alcohol, especially not in cadets where the younger ones will be looking up to you.

The biggest crime is getting caught and you where stupid enough to get caught. Take your punishment, water goes under the bridge and carry on.

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