My dad was poorer than your dad.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by MOANING_BARSTEWARD, Oct 13, 2011.

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  1. I remember the days when we got free milk in school. These were also the days when i would que up for my "your family are shit at life" free dinner token worth £1.20. I would sell the token for £1 which bought me 4 fags (cigarettes if you're american).

    One christmas I recieved a second hand game of connect 4 which was selotaped. I fucking loved it.

    Anyway this week i bought my 2 Padbrats a playstation each (so I have something to take off them when they piss me off) and it struck me how I spoil them and how much they need punching.

    Get your horror stories out and tell me how poor you were (or rich for you RAF chappies) as a kid.
  2. we were so poor when i was a kid we had to wank the dog to feed the cat!
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  3. .

    classics are also welcome:

    We used to go to KFC and lick other peoples fingers.
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  4. You were lucky .....
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  5. We woz so poor as kids the only hot meal we ever had was a bowl of steam and the only iron in our diet was used brillo pad sandwiches.
  6. Bowls ! BOWLS !!! Bloody toff
  7. I used to dream off steam. We had drainwater & used Scotchbrite. We dreamt of Iron you rich fucker. We all had polio & rickets as childer.
  8. There were so many holes in my socks I could put them on four different ways.
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  9. I was a child in the fifties Times were hard,I can still remember my father bitching about having to pay £1 for his four gallons of petrol, and christmasses were tight...I only got the top of the range Meccano set, playstations indeed! ..and I got a cowboy there.
    But seriously it was a degrading time for anyone on school-dinners then as there was a stigma attached to it.
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  10. Socks! Socks! We didn't have socks. Or feet. Just giant working-class callouses on the ends of our ankles.
  11. A childhood? You lucky barstewards... we were that poor when we were born we went straight down pit.

  12. We were so poor that we had to camp, in a tent of all things, on our continental holidays :)
  13. You could afford DREAMS! You had DRAINS! Dunno what the Scot stuff is. We stopped playing polio when we had to eat the 'orse, and we couldn't play rickets cos there wasn't a chain of flat ground for miles around. Posh git!
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  14. We couldn't afford socks either. Me dad used to paint our feet.

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  15. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Posh cunt! We couldn't afford a dog so I had to wank my Dad off.

    Hang about.........We didn't have a cat either.

    Dirty peado bastard.
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