My Dad is a walt...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JokerR, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. I'v recently been reunited with my father after not seeing him for 6 years, the main reason being that I'm starting my army training next week,
    Whilst at the pub with him and his mate last night he claimed that he and previously mentioned friend where in 3 para together for 6 years,
    and he apparently reached the rank of Sgt.

    This is the first iv heard of it and iv never seen any pictures of him in the forces so I'm forced to conclude that he is being a walt to try to impress me...

    Is there any way i can find out if he's telling the truth without confronting him about it?

    Bearing in mind that if he was in the para's it would have been 20 or more years ago.

    Oh and please no outraged cry's of "cnut"
  2. Well if he was in the para's and reliazes you've been checking up on him on a public site - he may well remember why he abandoned you in the first place.
  3. My dad (adopted, thankfully) was in the Junior Leaders for the whole of about 6 weeks which he admits, he was RGJ and then jacked it in as they wouldn't let him transfer to the RCT apparently.

    I grew up hearing stories of him firing "Bazookas, GPMGs, .357 Magnums" and "going on an exercise with the SBS", when I joined up this stopped immediately.

    Now thats a dad walt to trump them all.
  4. Six years is quite quick to reach sergeant. One of the AFCO forms requires you to detail previous service of relatives, so you've got an excuse to get some details out of him.
  5. What you fail to understand is that all the evidence points towards him NOT being in the para's, and you don't know the circumstances in which he "abandoned me" so you are in no position to comment, don't be a troll!
  6. it just so happens that I know a lad who was a sgt in 3 para, he reached the rank of sgt after 10 years, the average time to reach the rank of sgt in the parachute regiment is 15.
  7. Fair enough. Apologies.
    But bear in mind that all Dad's like to think their kids are proud of them - obviously it's wrong of him to claim something that's patently untrue (for that matter - stupid) but maybe his intentions were to try to strengthen a bond.

    I hope he turns out to be the real deal for both your sakes.
  8. I asked my mum about it and apparently he was in the scouts as a young lad but she has no memory of him being in the army, It's a shame that he feels he needs to lie to me for me to respect him, And it's things like this i find really disrespectful to true servicemen :roll:
  9. My Dad used to wear a shrinkeasy from time to time. Does this count as walting?
  10. Not sure about that :roll:
  11. Step away from the keyboard Nathan.
  12. Nathan? Next guess...
  13. Unless Army doctors prove the existence of a Walting gene, don't worry about it. People who feel inadequate frequently make up stories to impress people, but really they are trying to impress themselves and feel less inadequate, if only for a moment.

    Question : If walting is hereditary and you do indeed join up does this make you an Anti-Walt or a Super Walt?

    Like if you actually do end up in the SAS slottingTaliban left and right and crashing through embassy windows, but feel compelled to tell complete strangers that you were an RLC storeman and you once managed to dunk 267 hob-nobs in one brew


    Does your fibbing take on astronomical proportions, such flying in an all black space shuttle, battling aliens on the far side of the moon and travelling back in time to assasinate Hitler in order to prevent WW2 etc?
  14. There is a room to discuss this, it's a nasty thing, it's Chat.

    Go to More arrse and live chat, and try it. Fella.
  15. No - the RE made everything. I was at the museum on Thursday, a man told me RE made and invented EVERYTHING.