My criminal idea

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ryder02, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. I have rarely been a victim of crime, however I find most of the local scrotes in need of some restorative justice.

    When they get sent down, their names and sentences are usually published in the local paper.

    What is to stop an enterprising fellow from waiting until they trundle off to jail for their usual short stretch and then divest them of some of their ill gotten gains? Perhaps even a letter informing them of such afterwards (whilst reminding them off the criminal code not to "grass")?

    Perhaps if the wife of the scumbag were not too festering (and having seen pictures of what some of you lot would smash...) then a little romantic fun could be had there, suitably recorded for his enjoyment of course!

    Any comments or suggestions?

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  2. Better idea.

    Outlaw them.

    They can no longer claim any benefit or support (inc NHS) untl the community says so.

    That would include their family. Seeing as they don't give a fcuk about other's human rights why should we care about theirs?

    Purging by fire might be beneficial.
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  3. Be careful not to choose one of the filthy drug addicted criminals. Their houses will be festering shit holes and the same goes for their heroin addicted slags.
  4. Not as much fun - nor imagine the sense of self righteous anger.

    It is just so sweetly ironic - and as for druggy slags, pimp them out to the guys mates. Video on redtube and send the whole wing a link. And the prison officers.

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  5. Re-start the old fashioned prison colonies. But instead of somewhere nice like Australia, ship the cunts off to South Georgia or somewhere equally grim. 3 strikes and your out, never to return .
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  6. Good idea. What about outsourcing prisons? If foreign born criminals had to serve their sentence in a British-funded prison in, say, Equatorial Guinea, would a life of crime in Britain seem a good career option?
  7. It would be easier just to ring fence Liverpool with razor wire, watch towers and machine gun posts, that'd cut down crime by 77%, they'd be grief stricken. Hold on, they are already.
  8. Sinner is in charge of scrotes in that area.
  9. Scrote cream duly applied, doesn't seem to be working though, I'm still a scrote.
  10. Fighting crime with crime? Having divested said scrotes from their ill gotten gains do you not suppose they would then feel obliged to go out and re steal said items. (Plus a little extra for their troubles).

    Imagine you find a traveller with a stolen caravan and return it to its rightful owner. Do you imagine they will then live at the side of the road in a tent or purchase one legally? No what you have done is created another stolen caravan.

    Unfortunately all these hard man measures for subjecting criminals in prison to harder and harder more punitive regimes create people with deeper resentment and less respect for the society inflicting 'pain' upon them. Education is the key (unfortunately probably 30 - 40% of male prisoners cannot read).
  11. I think what other posters are intimating is that there is no downside to committing crime .
    You are defended in court at the public's expense
    You are jailed not too uncomfortably at the public's expense
    The public maintain your family while you are inside

    If , as is being suggested , career criminals have all these and other benefits taken from them , they are forced to change their ways .
    In other words , you've educated them to change their lifestyle .
  12. "Escape from Birkenhead" - Now who will play Snake Pliskin?
  13. I think most do not understand the punishment aspect of our legal system, nor possibly the welfare system, other than that published by the media (which is of course only the odd case which is likely to boost their figures). Most people convicted of offences are not career criminals, so the majority of the above is untrue. There are however a minority (the career criminals) who are responsible for a large proportion of crime. They need educating I agree. Cutting off their benefits would harm their families and children who have committed no crime. It is an idea that has been thought of before.

    My point remains the more you inflict pain upon them the more unsocial they become.
  14. We are getting some right liberal types in the NAAFI these days ....
  15. Turn the southern end of Argentina into Britain's new prison colony. Not as though many of the Argentine scrotes live there either

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