My Cousin western, What a cnut

What type of Cnut is western?

  • slightly overgrown, bit smelly

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He may be a cunt, but he won't be G4S, wrong colours for uniform. Sockpuppet, why don't you use your real login to call him a cunt? 5A is right you're fucking spinless.
Your posting style pings you as one of 3 already existing botty burps on site.
The fact that you took time to write one of the unfunniest thread starters ever is testament to what a true Wendy you are.

There will always be a bed, hot chicken soup and my snug, welcoming anus for Western as he continues to make the site lickers bite like fuck.
Southern: it really doesn't take much to call Western a cunt.

"Oi! Western! You are a cunt!"

Not hard is it? So why are you too scared to do it? Did some nasty men off the internet scare you?

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