My Cousin western, What a cnut

What type of Cnut is western?

  • slightly overgrown, bit smelly

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He may be a cunt, but he won't be G4S, wrong colours for uniform. Sockpuppet, why don't you use your real login to call him a cunt? 5A is right you're fucking spinless.
Not going too well is it you gutless throbber?
Your posting style pings you as one of 3 already existing botty burps on site.
The fact that you took time to write one of the unfunniest thread starters ever is testament to what a true Wendy you are.

There will always be a bed, hot chicken soup and my snug, welcoming anus for Western as he continues to make the site lickers bite like fuck.
How can you tell the throbbers are all off school for Easter?

That's right, they start gash threads.

Western might be a cunt, but he's our cunt.
Southern: it really doesn't take much to call Western a cunt.

"Oi! Western! You are a cunt!"

Not hard is it? So why are you too scared to do it? Did some nasty men off the internet scare you?
Is it time to start the "Cocks and Nobbers" Thread up again?

There's far too many of these dickheads crayoning everywhere at the moment.
Somehow, I don't think young "Southern" will be back.

Can't believe I didn't quote any of it's posts.

Never mind. Who's next?
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