My Contribution to Global Warming


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Apart from the large amounts of methane that regularly emit from my posterior, my contribution to global warming is my car. I tend to drive it everywhere...

Which leads on to my rant:

[rant] In an effort to be environmentally friendly (new years resolution bo**ocks) I decided that I'd get the train to London this coming weekend. Only to find that it'll cost me and my mate about £85 for the pleasure of getting a train that will be inevitably delayed! So we are now driving down. It's going to cost about £30-40 in petrol and parking. Bargain! The point of this is to ask why the bloody hell are the train companies able to get away with astronomical prices for a shite service? Every year they increase the cost of train travel "in order to improve service" but nothing ever seems to happen. Take a look at the latest virgin trains ads. I wonder how much they cost to produce? Why not spend the money on improving their diabolical cross-country service? I could probably fly to another country for less than it would cost me to get to London! [/rant]

Well thats off my chest.
Your totally justified and well informed rant renders this forum incapable of an intelligent or sarcastic retort!!
So how far does 85poundsget 2people on the train?


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BRUCE said:
So how far does 85poundsget 2people on the train?
About 70 miles.

So roughly works out at £1.14/mile by train


£0.57/mile by car.

Well done government and train companies, what a way to encourage people to use public transport!
Your joking?
And who runs it Virgin?


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BRUCE said:
Your joking?
And who runs it Virgin?
If I was joking, I'd be getting the train this weekend...

Nope, it's not Virgin, but it might as well be.

Now if it was a Virgin running the service, I might be inclined to have a one-on-one 'discussion' about the quality of service...
Train times:

Luton - London (39 miles) 35 minutes (66mph) - quite good

Lowestoft - London (130 miles) 2 hr 34min (51mph) - respectable

Luton - Lowestoft (122miles) 3 hr 42 min (33mph) - hmmmph

Still, it's better than the bus, Luton - Lowestoft (122miles) - 6hrs 20 min (19mph)

Should take about two and a half hours by car.


Hmmmm - can you book ahead via the train operators website? I'm off to York in a fortnight from London - I was looking at the fares yesterday on the GNER website and the cheapest I could do it was £19 return - bargin! In the end I took advantage of the first class offers so I could lord it up a bit, ogggle the hostess and get endless free brews (£59 return). The GNER "turn up and go" fares were bordering on steep to say the least.

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