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Well basically, I dont want to sound like a moaner, but I recently clicked on the Live chat room where you speak to a person from the Army about application etc.

I was asked if I am a British Citizen, I replied yes, I am a British Citizen by Descent as my father is British and hes a Doctor. He responded and said, your not a British Citizen, Ive lived here for 22 years, and I am told that I am not a British citizen, I was very insulted.

Basically, I want to become a Military Police Officer, My origins are from Afghanistan, and I would love to assist the Police there and contribute to both country and Afghanistan and offer my services and duty.

I have always liked the Military, I think its very honourable to do duty for country, the same country that has given me and others so much.

But that really put me off. However, what do you guys think, and what are your experiences within the Army.

don't normally post here but do you have a british passport?


I came here when I was two years old and Yes I do have a British Passport. I was born in 86. I think the descent law was introduced in 83. I have lived in the UK for 22 years.

Thanks for responding.
Get down to your local ACIO.
someone who actully knows what they're talking about will be along soon but if you have a brit passport not sure what the issue is
I came here when I was two years old and Yes I do have a British Passport. I was born in 86. I think the descent law was introduced in 83. I have lived in the UK for 22 years.

Thanks for responding.
Where were you born and was your father British by descent?

If I understand it correctly if your Father was British by descent and you were born outside the UK then you are not automatically a British citizen.

A child born outside the UK on or after 1 January 1983 automatically acquires British citizenship by descent if either parent is a British citizen other than by descent at the time of the birth.
You may need to look further into this.
You seem to be complicating issues here...

If you have a British passport then your a British Citizen and should be able to start an application.

If you have residency in this country then you should be eligable to look at going RMP aslong as you havent had any Spent or UNSPENT convictions.

Also if you have over ten years residency as you say and have C grades English Language and maths and speak languages then theres also the intelligence corp

You need to go in person with your passport to an ACIO and speak with to a Recruiter in person so they can judge if your suitable and let you know of the process.


Why the mosque jokes guys? I am an Athiest anyway. Plus I am sure the West has spent more time attending the Radical Mosque for recruits when they started messing Afghanistan up from the start. Do you remember?

I was born in Afghanistan and according to the law of descent, if your father is a Natrualised British Citizen and your born, that makes you a British Citizen by descent.

Yeah I think I should attend my Local Army careers office, but guys why are you being so threatening, and why are you assuming I am some dodgy character by saying "I know another 'army' that'll gladly snap you up."

Which Army may that be? The BNP? The EDL?
It's called Banter. And if you want to be in the Army you'd better get used to it!

We had one guy on our course who was something like half Pakistani and half Iranian. The OC referred to him as "the axis of evil"!
I take it the NAAFI doors havent opened nice in the Recruiting forumns gents


Oh right, okay, I just assumed you guys are serious since your in the Army, I understand the banter, Sorry for that, and the misunderstanding.

Well, If the Jihadi Army ever caught me, I would speak my way out, since I can speak their Language, I am fluent in Pushto, but you guys would make a good a dildo for Osama's young wife.

Anyway are their good opportunities within the Intell corps? I have very sharp hearing and a hobby of learning new languages. I am currently learning Russian.

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