My club is run by cnuts

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by sunnoficarus, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. 'The Committee' has decided to ban shotguns from the ranges.

    'They are unsuitable for target shooting and damage the baffles'

    Who needs the Gun Control Network and the rest of the gun banners when so many clubs are run by f**king dinosaurs with their fetish for martini action BSA .22's and prone shooting:-x
  2. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    buy one with a .22 between the big barrels to piss them off :)
  3. Target shooting with a shotgun, that could catch on!

    Biathlon for example, why waste your time firing five shots to plink little tin plates when you can drop the ******* lot with one barrel from granddad's black powder eight bore goose gun, leaving the opposition choking in a cloud of white smoke?
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  4. Nah, blanket ban on evil shotguns.

    'So what's the difference between a Brown Bess using powder to thrown an ounce of lead down the range at a target and a Mossberg 500 using powder to throw an ounce of lead at a target'

    'It's a shotgun'.

    I think the knobs have been watching too many hollywierd films.

    Actually yes, Target Shotgun is catching on and being promoted by the NRA as a cheap and approachable form of action shooting.
  5. Put it to them to change the wording to 'Shot' not 'Shotguns'. Nothing better than letting loose with a 12g slug :)
  6. Is that not the default setting for just about any club?
  7. Count yourself lucky.
  8. Fees are steep though, a ton and a quarter a year!
  9. Uh, Practical Shotgun has been part of OUR club scene for around five years - about forty of the members do it....... What a bunch of seat-polishing paleolithic ******* you have running your club - I vote that YOU vote the feckers out at the next AGM. BTW, I don't pretend to understand what a 'ton and a quarter' means, but you really need to have a look at my Youtube - tac's guns - and OUR new range facilities to see what you'd get for about £150 for six days a week shooting and three evenings, too. Being an old and disabled veteran who is also over a certain age [harrumph], I only pay £70 p/a.
  10. I know, I used to do some Practical, I had to give it up, my dogs got well pissed off with having nothing to retrieve, icing on the cake, all I needed with a German wife and mother in law was mutinous muts.
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