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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by David Read, Aug 9, 2011.

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  1. I have never been a big runner, dont get me wrong ive done it in p.e football, and during land training sessions for swimming of which i race at a high level and have swam in events all over the country but the paratroopers demand a 9 min 18 second 1.5 mile at Selection and this has worried me slightly because when i run my muscles very quickly tire in my legs, mainly in the thighs and hips, ive got no problem with pushing through pain to improve but im wondering how hard will it be for someone who has never run properly before to run a 9 min 18 1.5 mile?

    Ive taken the training programs off the army website and i have started training myself to be as good as i can be come selection but i was wondering if people can tell me just how hard it is to do a the 9 min 18 time needed, what peoples experiances were and how much training you did to get in shape for the run.

    Tips are apriciated

    Thanks all
  2. What do you run now? Time wise.
    Also people who can run the 9 18 dont find it hard, as they've worked hard to get fit so they don't notice the strain so much.

    I used to run 1.5 in 10:30, always a pretty active guy but nothing special on from that. Started running 1.5 miles 5 days a week, with 3 mile runs on 2 of those 5 days. Every third week I did 5 3 mile runs, then I did a week of back to the original system with 1 3 miler and 1 6 miler the other 3 days being 1.5milers, with 1 of those 1.5 milers being a timed run.

    Personal best is now 8:42.
    Also if you're not that fit aim to lift heavy on the static lift if you're trying to get into the paras. It buys you a bit of extra time to run around the selection route.
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  6. It's completely achievable, just depends how much effort you put into training.
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