My Cherry has been Busted

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Sam_Fisher, May 4, 2006.

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  1. Just thought I would congratulate a certain member of 62 for losing his cherry recently, to a new lass in a Sigs dept, ran by a tall bloke, well done Biscuit Boy.
  2. Good well done, at least someone gets it Sam! we just get hecklers here in 53.
  3. Got to say Sam you are very sad...and a bit nosey...and a bit personal...Get A life
  4. wingeddeath, your last few posts have been nothing but abusive interjections with no relevance, knowledge or experience. Your posts have the arrogance of an ab anitio apache pilot safely ensconsed at wallop? You didn't even know who the Corps RSM FFS!

    If the abuse was entertaining it would be forgivable, unfortunately its not, you're just dull.

    Definitely a new apache bod who thinks he/she is the new Tom Cruise.

  5. Slavetothegrind, glad to see nothings changed at '53! Being heckled while trying to trap certainly put me off my stride, as it did a certain QHI....
  6. The 53 panthers rule!
  7. so the marine of biscuits has finaly done it. and is that lucky lady in question the one that was a hot topic for a while on here if so some other lucky guy had her on there Sqn BBQ last week.

    seems like she just cant get enough
  8. i mean the night off the BBQ and not on it.

    just before all you funny guys start
  9. Stop being so vage, if its worth a mention then please get it off your chest and all the detail to go with it..........................

    Its the most interesting title for a thread I have seen in an age, and then the dissopointment was to much to bare.

    Still it would apear that there is little action in this forum and even less in the Corps thease day's so perhaps I was expecting to much during my recent visit.

    I think the problem might be big brother looking over your shoulders, you all to scared to say something and end up just saying nothing.

    Kinda like what iam doing now....................................

    LOL silly me
  10. Just have to say that I find it very sad that people who have obviosly left the AAC are sointerested in other peoples I said get a life and start living the one you have moved onto. Sam Fisher and your like please grow up and move on and stop trying to live your life through others. As for the Nig apache pilot..well sorry to burst the bubble but I am to old to apply and basically wouldnt want the life they have. They get my full respect. The name winged death comes from another life. As far as not knowing the Corps RSM, well I do actually just didnt know what a Big badge was and couldnt work out how a badge could watch anything? Final point on that one is that I observe all the time, since the restructure of the Corps with the formation of Attack regiments, the almost redundant position of Sergeant Majors.Can anyone tell me what their job is? GSF Comd looks after Groundcrew and Flt Comds Flt 2IC looks after Aircrew? SQMS is stores and tell me ...why do we still employ Sergeant Majors.
  11. Or maybe just a bit of fun poked at a colleague that was possibly worked with for a while.

    Did you just switch off and cut off your pals?

    Are you still serving? Bet you're a bundle of laughs
  12. Wingeddeath... Para then perhaps? It would explain a lot...

    If you're too old then why do you sound like a sulky twelve year old girl that can't have her own way?
  13. Whingeddeath perhaps?
  14. Woof Woof.... Bark
  15. There was a WRAC in Aldergrove who used to wait-on at Sgt Mess dinners and get totally blathered. As a result most of the bed side lights in the mess annex had very attractive pink, blue, black or white frilly shades. In moments of extreme passion she would yell for her ma....................

    In Minden there was a lady who loved to throw a party for newly arrived ATprs and then ravage them in her kid's bedroom while her old man (Not AAC) (or REME) snored away in Herforder induced slumber........................

    At Wallop there was a NAAFI girl who brought a hole knew meaning to pot black.................

    Oh, sorry getting carried away there. Very well done young Sprog-such a rare thing to lose your cherry and what a boring time we old farts had.