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Hi all,

Apologies if I am covering old ground but I have had a search to no avail but ill keep it brief.
I signed off 2001 and was done and dusted for late 2002, my discharge was all above board just fancied the outside world. I had completed 6 years all in and if I am being brutally honest I was a bit of a knob in the early stages of it. Without firing up my violin I had a couple of personal issues at the time and did a couple of moonlight flits that bought me a week in regi nick one Xmas and 21 days in Colly respectively.
In amongst that there were a few non descript charges, scrapping, block based antics and a few run ins here and there. Suffice to say I always had a decent CR and was considered a decent enough and capable bloke and do remember being popular enough to be out most nights with the usual suspects and to have had a decent enough working relationship with seniors. I completed a lot of courses succesfully and behaved impeccably on operations and this was again reflected in my CR's.
Since getting out Ive completed Telic and Herrick as a reservist, all without incidence and with offers to stay on with the host unit and finally completed my OU degree in Economics and Mathematical Sciences in 2008 which has given me a decent stable career path.
Basically, I am not the perma-fool I once was and do significantly miss most elements of soldiering and am in a position now to give the TA a strong shot without work/time commitments being an issue.
Buuut! I have recently recieved a document I requested documenting my service (red book walked years ago) and am not suprised to see my performance graded at 'Fair' but am a bit alarmed as to what is missing. It ommits my completion of the AACC, advanced guns, basic Op Ack, H Licence and has not acknowledged my Afghanistan deployment nor Northern Ireland.
I am in the process of prepping to apply (hence the Glasgow request), fitness is bang on and at a significantly higher level than when I was last in rig so as far as I am concerned I am good to go.
However, what I am asking is will my 'Fair' impede my chances regardless of my acceptance on 2 occasions to deploy as a reservist and will the missing information regarding my service be ackowledged at some point as I have the option to consider an RMR detatchment close to me that have advertised in the past for former commando trained persons?

Thanks in advance and apologies for the epic boreathon!


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When I joined the TA, they didn't even bother looking at my previous service record.


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In my opinion you won't have any snags getting in. Like you, I had a few minor snags keeping on the straight and narrow, I didn't end up going over the wall, but a few drunken antics while I was a teenager have ensured that I won't be getting my LSGC or TA efficiency gong any time soon. None of this was mentioned when I joined the TA.

I know a lot of trivial stuff was lost on the migration over to JPA and much of your previous service record probably no longer exists, presumably you will be starting on an even keel. You might need to contact Lympstone for proof that you did the AACC if it's not on your new docs. I also had to chase up a few training establishments for proof of quals etc. Also say goodbye to your old service number and be prepared for a nice shiny sprog number that starts with a 3.
Since you have prior service the recruiting office will have to submit an AFB203 Authority for Special Enlistment to APC. This will include details of your conduct assessment on discharge. APC MS Reserves will then make a decision based on your previous service record. There is a paragraph somewhere in recruiting group instructions about the minimum conduct assessment acceptable with approval from DM(A) which I will try and dig out when I get the time.

With regards to your qualifications as you left prior to JPA coming in your unit should apply for a copy of your AFB200 (IIRC) which will detail all your prior service qualifications (provided they were recorded on UNICOM by your previous unit...). Since you've been out over 6 years you will have to start again from Phase 1 regardless.
Ravers, I cringe inside at the memory of tapping my heels in for a number of things :)

Thanks a lot both, I now have a bit of direction as opposed to a blind leap.

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