My cat just knocked me pint over

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Steamywindow, Aug 22, 2005.

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  1. .... so naturally I was going to drop kick the little fcuker up and down the hall, but then! he started to lick it up! My cat drinks Carlsberg!

    Not only that, he rolled about in the stuff until he had soaked loads up in his fur and now he's licking it all off again and purring like Wayne Rooney in a free brothel!

    I love my cat he is ace.
  2. Drop kick him now and see if he notices :lol:
  3. Does he taste of Carlsberg ?, i hope you wrung him out to retrieve your beer ?..
  4. It won't be long now until the cat starts to think his is the greatest dancer and start cutting rug round the living room. After that it will try to fight you and everyone else within 20 yards 'cause of the way they are looking at him and his pint!!!
    Then comes the love - lots of it for everyone he knows and doesn't know!! After that its time for kebab flavoured cat food and a quick check on the old beer compass and off home to his catflap. If he has a basket then expect it to be swamped - twice, if not then your bed's getting it !!! ENJOY
    I love your cat too.
  5. Carlsberg don't make pets but if they did........

    Beebs ;)
  6. I've run out of Carlsberg now, it's either red wine (a cheeky little Chilean merlot, £2.49 and ready to drink now) or Glenfiddich.

    Moogee is likely to be right - me little furry mucker generally does those things anyway. And so do I.
  7. Do you sleep in a basket ????
  8. [quote="moogeeDo you sleep in a basket ????[/quote]

    eeeeeeeerrrrrrrmmmm, what's the rihgt answer there? I have slept in some funny places... btw the cat likes malt whisky! And doritos with melty cheese!
  9. Any chance of some 'morning after' photos of the cat - so my cat can learn about the evils of drink???
  10. I'll get 'em done tomorrow.
  11. Just one example of the joys afforded to one by the ownership of a tight pussy.
  12. had a dog that loved beer, a "wasted can" from a pic nic we had was drunk by the dog, so was prompty re named "Heineken" and he was cheeky enough to demand his nightly can of beer till a ripe old age by doggie standards!
  13. My dog's a beer lover too. On occasion she's been known to sit next to me on the sofa looking at my beer and dribbling at the thought of getting some.
  14. Yeah, but I bet you can't lick your own balls, if not from lack of trying...
  15. Comes in a tin labelled Nitromors?