my bunny is poorly ill

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by haggler, Mar 13, 2012.

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  1. Send some pixie dust for my poor bunny, who is off his food and moping around his hutch.

    He cannot even pass a single sun dried raison as i type through misty eyes.

    Offer a prayer if you will for poor tom in his hour of need
  2. Rabbit stew it's is then.

    Fucking rabbit - get a real pet.
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  3. You'll get by without your Rabbit Pie, so run Rabbit, run Rabbit, run run run.
  4. I have a van full of "goodies" that will see poor bunny off to a much better place.
  5. Stuffed roast rabbit! Mmmmm loverly.
  6. Grab it by the hind legs, spin it round your head at a rate, then flick it like a whip,
    instant deed, chop off it's feet, feed fur off the hind legs, along the body and front
    legs, chop off the head along with the fur (save the fur) make a cut below the rib
    cage and clear out the innards, discard these, wash the body in clean water....
  7. You hateful bunch of cunts show a little compassion.

    I thought you were my internet bessies and i could share a little honest heartfelt musing with you.

    I know the majority on here will include him in their prayers tonight.

    God bless tom. Too young to go to the great warren in the sky
  8. I'm sure I saw you on Masterchef.
  9. this is not basic wales you heathen scumsucker. i am not asking for fuckin recipes i am asking for love
  10. I feel for you I really do, need a special hug?
  11. You heartless cunts. Haggler, send the little fella to me. I'll nurse him back to health with tender compassion and plenty of gravy.
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  12. Not a buddhist among you........twats.
  13. Fuck your bunny, neck it and nosh it, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
  14. If you provide Blue Smarties, I'll tell you how to hypnotise a Chicken!
  15. yes please. see thats the sort of thing i wanted. the karma police read your replies you know. The wife is having to syringe this green muck into him just to keep him going. I will keep you posted on his progress. Thank you once again jarrod 248 --peace be with you