My Brother Sylveste



Unlike him, I've none. And no derring-do's been done do deserve any. But others will have derring-done, deserved, and still not got.

I'd like to read of unsung heroes and their deeds which, according to you, were deserving of a medal, but received no such recognition.

And so I ask you to write your citation. Maybe there'll be enough to make a book, proceeds to H4H or some such?

I'd certainly pay for such a book.


A link to wikipedia's not quite what I had in mind.

I'm talking of personal experience of seeing somebody do something heroic, such as the actions of the medic that treated Ben Parkinson, as quoted by blobmeister on another thread. -

'I was there when Ben was hit. In fact, as we were obviously in a mine field, I took a photo of the scene. I offered Ben a copy, which he gladly accepted, as the only picture and memory he has is of the vehicle after it was denied.

I have said it before on here, the medic with us at the time was a LCpl! He went straight into the blast area without second thought and worked for about 1.5 hours to save Ben's life. When the MERT aircraft arrived, the doctor (NHS consultant) got off the Chinook and asked who performed on Ben. He said he would have been hard pushed to have bettered anything that had been performed and undoubtably saved his life. That medic is one of those who will walk through life with no visible embellishment on his chest for what he did. However, he will know that he gave a great man the gift of life.

It is a memory that I will praise, a story I will tell till my voice no longer works to my children.

The medic's wife has contacted me before on these means whilst he was back in theatre probably doing the same to thank me for kind words of praise.

Sorry for going on, but he deserves great credit for preserving life.'


can you link to the medic story bit, there is so many ben parkinson stories on here I can't find it
No. Not sure how to and can't be arsed trying to figure it out. Also, there's no need, as I've copied the post from that thread and pasted it in the post prior to yours.


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I do like a thread about diddly-die songs like My Brother Sylveste. The poor Irish lurching about, pissed as rats whilst their frayed old Salvation Army strides flap about three inches above their worn out cheap boots. Happy days. I particularly like the one that croons "I hope you rot and burn in Hell for the trouble that you brought to Ireland". I usually gob on the floor quietly and slope off to the bar at that point.

I'd like to read of unsung heroes and their deeds which, according to you, were deserving of a medal, but received no such recognition.
Is there a medal for ex drug dealers and people smugglers who saw the light and restored the family estates with the Profit of Death? My mate would like to know.
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