My brother in law is a c&%t.

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The potential aftermath of a suicide is well expressed in several comments expressing sorrow and frustration,
especially noting that if only the person could have understood the impact then perhaps they could have drawn back.

They had lost the balance, the rationalising, that those that are left depend on to try and understand, for the victim at the crucial time it wasn't there.

Perhaps the reality that they could not perceive the aftermath is reflected in the dry legal, but somehow compassionate, finding that ' X took their own life whilst the balance of their mind was disturbed.' if that is still the phrase.


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No doubt they put their lips on each others "taps".
My BiL is ex RE. The fat paedophile currently resides in Manila with his child bride, supporting her massive extended family, in a house resembling something from Copehill Down. On the bright side, his 30" neck and purple face screams out "dead man walking", the fat, kid-fcuking mess.
But other than that....?


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Mine used to be a right c&%t but he had an accident a few years ago, resulting in a head injury. This must have knocked him sensible, because since then, he's mellowed significantly and is actually alright to get on with now.


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