My BPFA & Training Times

Firstly - Hi to all on here - the sense of humour rules!!!!

Im a TA STAB W***k*r (or whatever you lads want to call me), currently serving with the Kings & Chershire regiment. I have a operational tour (telic) under my belt and am currently thinking of going for 4Para, or the RMR (especially as there is on in Liverpool as appose to leeds with the paras)

Now dont get me wrong, I smoke and im not the fittest bloke in the world, but here are some of my most recent BPFA / Training times:


situps = 100
pressups = 75
1.5 mile run = 8:33

3 mile run (hard course) = 22:00

5 mile run = 38:00

Ps : Im 24y/o - 5ft8" and weigh just under 11 st

Do you think these are acceptable times to be getting before attempting the rigours of Pcoy / CTCRM

Any help at all is apprieciated - even if you think im a slow turd.

Well I havn't done P Coy, but I'd say you're more than fine for it, You're well above whats required on pushups, and 1.5 mile run!
Can you replicate those timings after being battered every day for six weeks+ (or every other weekend for six months if you're TA), P Coy doesn't look for athletes, just blokes who can push themselves and fight through regardless of the state they are in and what is happening around them. Recommend you watch Braveheart a few times and scrub the 'Mens' Fitness' subscription.

There's only one way to find out ... and although it kills me to say this, you may be better off going for RMR and saving a few thousand miles a year on the car tyres (?)
What good will watching Braveheart do me?, Like I said Im not the most Athletic bloke in the world but I guess the only way to find out is to do it, Cheers for the advice.
Like I said Im not the most Athletic bloke in the world
But f***** close ....
With 4 Para, even if you're a trained soldier, you go through their basic weekends as well (at least - a load of the guys on Test Weekend that I was on were already qualified Trained Soldiers.) Give them a ring at White City/Pudsey/Glasgow - there's a course starting imminently. Those times should see you fine for P Coy, especially as the tabbing is progressive throughout the weekends as well. Good luck, even if you choose to become an RMR deviant!
cheers, Its hard to tell if people are taking the pi$$ on here sometimes, Im going to give them a ring methinks.
My last BPFA time (posted above) was run on Saturday and I didnt feel to sprightly. My legs felt dead heavy if you know what i mean. A belly full of ale the night before doesnt help!. I was blowing through my arse bigtime
F*****g Racing snake!

You'll do well.

Try it when you're 32..weigh 14st etc etc heh heh!
You won't need a pre-training plan, you're fit enough for either - I can only speak for the RMR, but they will train you from (mostly) scratch fitness and give you plenty of advice. You will not be expected to get through P Coy or CTC in your first weekend! It's all very progressive, the hardest thing about the RMR traning is the fact that its long and can be pretty miserable, don't worry about your fitness yet!
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