My boys moped

Discussion in 'REME' started by looney, Jan 20, 2011.

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  1. Could any of you advise me on how to make my boy's moped perform a little bit better?
    Its a four stroke 50cc, it is very sluggish at bottom and takes an age to start.
    Its in bit in my back room as we speak.
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    It's probably restricted to 30 mph, new exhaust and carb jets should give it a bit more poke.

    Edited to add: If he's under 17 and gets tugged by the rozzers, he will get done and his insurance will probably be invalidated so be careful.
  3. Fuel filter seems small.
    New exhaust pipe sounds good, I'm sure micron will do one.
  4. 4 strokes are very hard to gain any extra power from especially a 50cc, as there are no restrictors as such like in a 2 stroke, but get a metal coat hanger and try and pull the baffles out of the exhaust pipe.
  5. I just want it to perform well.
    Don't want him nicked though.
  6. Has it always been this way or is it getting worse?
    Halfords do some carb cleaning additives-could have a sticky carb
    plugs and fuel filter too....
  7. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'm pretty sure 50cc mopeds are supposed to be restricted to 30mph by law. You can de-restrict them if you have a full car or bike licence but not if you are riding around on L plates. The rules for geared bikes are different.

    Basically if plod sees your lad whizzing by at 50, they will most likely pull him. Also if he has a crash and the insurers want to be really arsey, they won't pay out.
  8. Just bought it but didn't play up at first.
  9. All 50cc bikes on L plates are meant to be restricted to 30mph, but ive had 50cc (2strokes) doing 65mph+ when i was younger, but as i said thumpers (4 strokes) do not have restrictors on them, also an exhaust pipe will be a waste of time, the only restrictor on most 50cc four strokes is a cone (baffles) inside the exhaust pipe, as for getting nicked you wont get nicked by "de-restricting" the standard pipe as the wouldnt know, but if you put on and after market pipe, ur holding your hands up to changing the performance, bhp, top speed of the bike,

    what bike is it?
  10. What make? Did you buy it new?
  11. If it`s got poor starting whip the carb off, take the float chamber off and clean it out including the jets and blow out any holes you can see.
    You can go 10 higher on the main jet (if the original is 54, pop in a 64 or thereabouts).
    Sometimes there`s a brass plate with some holes drilled in it, between carb and air filter trunking, pull it out and discard it.
    Clean the air filter and pop a new fuel filter on (they`re normally small on mopeds but it doesn`t affect the flow).
    If it`s an automatic you can replace the rollers with lighter ones, this`ll give you slightly better acceleration but don`t go too light as what you gain at the bottom you will lose on top end.
    Check the rollers that are in it first to make sure they are round. They wear and get flat sections on them which makes them stick.
    On a four stroke make sure the tappets are adjusted correctly as a lot of people don`t bother to check them, especially on mopeds/scoots.
  12. Make is JINLUN, looks to be made in China. That's not good.
  13. nope its a boaton import, from ebay normally around the 400 quid brand new, when i was around the age of moped riding and on forums etc i heard nothing but bad words about them, personally bikes that sluggish i think are so dangerous, trying to pull away from roundabouts and junctions. my advice would be trade it in for something a bit better unless hes turning 17 soon then hang out for a 125
  14. Is that easy enough?
  15. He has just passed his CBT on it, will look on e bay now for another moped i think.
    Thank you for your advise.