My Boy Willy!

Sad git time gents! A very old ex tankie mate of mine, had "My big Willy" for a ring tone on his mob phone.His brain is worse than mine and he cant remember where he got it from! Any takers? Don't be ashamed lads, it's a tankie thing! :wink: :D
Do you need to know where he got it from, or do you want it on your phone? If it's the latter, can't he send it to you?
Cheers guys! Great site T88, problem is, my mob aint listed and BB, we tried but it wont send to mine. Guess I better upgrade the ol A41,ha!
Could e mail it you if that helps then somehow get it into your phone with ir or bluetooth or cable just a long shot but the offers there if ya need it.
Cheers MB. I,d better sort out a more modern bean can and string system first! I will be back! :wink:


War Hero
Well I run a pretty active wife and she reckons, my boy willie is hopeless! :( :wink: :D Wow, got me marching around the office and after all those years, the full script! MAGNIFICENT!
i've just been to to listen to my boy willie.It's not the one i got.I got mine about 4 years ago from them and it sounds proper.The one they have now is electronic and sounds cr*p.Will see if i can find another one.
I used to have MVW on the phone, downloaded it from the old Cambraiband website as an mp3 and converted to whatever the phone needed. Sadly the website is no more and I've heard the band isn't to be soon.
Just sent the guy who runs militarymoblies a e-mail to see if he can get rid of the tinny version and put the old one back on his website.
I think thats the one i have as its a live recording in mp3 so it will play on anything not the tinny fake mono one. As soon as banjotrooper gets a mobile with keys instead of a dial ill try and send it via e mail ha ha.
8O :D :wink:
Done! You are a star! Once Iv'e got one o those poly thingy phones, then I can realy p*ss the kids off,ha! :D
Just had a smashing ideal! :wink: I was driving a chieftain past a row of cottages yesterday and the occupants keep complaning about the tanks noise. Well, what if I put our PA system on top and give em a dose of My Big Willy, when we growl past! That should give em something to complain about! Christ! I,ll c*m in me tanksuit! :D
Hi trelawney,

I sent ya that my boy willy by e-mail hope it works.

banjotrooper you got that bean can working yet? or would you like it on 8 track ha ha

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