My birthday and monday morning

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BIPOLAR77, Oct 15, 2012.

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  1. Had an excellent birthday on Friday, left work early and had an excellent day.

    After the normal Monday morning parade a young pte who we have in our office asked me of my wrist size, I replied is that so you can gauge how deep you would be fisted.

    Yes she is 20 odd years old and I have said in my normal dry sarcastic humour that I've have been shagging longer than she has been on the planet.

    Yes not PC correct and I always rib her.

    Anyway she told me that she had an Ann Summers party in her room bought lots of red underwear and 2 dildos.

    After tea and toast I get back to the office to find she has bought me a Diesel Watch and got me a card.

    Should I bang her brains out or keep the banter going?
  2. Is she fit, does she look dirty, and can pictures of her be put before the ARRSE jury to aid you with your decision?
  3. Yes, Yes Very dirty looking, I will ask her, at the minute its dont you dare

    The one on the right
  5. bang all her holes, you know it makes sense and after all it is your birthday!
  6. Do you have a smaller image?
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  7. Sorry on DII, best I could find on Google
  8. a pack of 3, some lube & then invite her out for a drink tonight.
  9. not on a school night
  10. Are diesel watches expensive? If so, I put it to you that she's gagging for your pulsating vomit stick.

    Do you own a van?
  11. Yes I do own a van - with blacked out windows
  12. FFS are you gay? Of course you should bang her brains out! What the fuck are you asking for?
  13. Not gay no - just a bit overwealmed by it all tbh
  14. Hers or yours?