My biggest c-ck up

Ditto in Belfast, as a new 'Bleep' with 1 Sect 321 EOD. Tasked to Belfast Customs House which had been bombed, did sweep which came up wiath a positive.
Reported this to the ATO who withdrew the fire brigade lads who were keen to tackle the mounting blaze, and as per SOP then called SATO in from Lisburn.
Wait out.
SATO arrives after scudding down the road, checks my equipment and points out a known radio-pager signal exactly where I had found my 'positive' was. I would never have guessed that a traditional stone built building could burn so well.
Another from NI... (It's becoming a pattern)

Checking vehicle reports for vehicles entering Aldergrove, (a mindlessly boring job for about 6 hours of a 24 on stag). Suddenly a "gent" comes up as "lift on sight". As the information collected on the form indicated:-

1. First and last names matched
2. DOB was, (example), 9/1/1961, Lift on Sight was 1/9/1961
3. Physical description matched, (hair, eyes, height weight).
4. Address was, literally, across the street in a town just across the border south of Londonderry.
5. Was related by marriage to the drop off pax as was the lift on sight.

I check the time and he was in only 30 minutes before so he's probably still in dropping off the pax. I call Delta VCP and have all outbound vehicles checked for the VRN. Called out IRF to check all the vehicles in Aldergrove parking lot. No joy. Checked to see where he crossed the border. Call that PVCP and had them look for him on the grounds that if he came through there successfully he's probably comfortable enough with it to go back the same way.

An hour later I get a call from the PVCP. Got him, it's the lift on sight - handed over to RUC. Bingo... A Day later I am informed that he has been transferred to Coleraine for interrogation. My Sqn Cdr is so chuffed, he diverts the Air Officer Commanding from some other part of his annual inspection to see me and "how I caught the PIRA fatherless". :clap: :clap: :clap:

Four days after he was transferred to Coleraine I get a phone call informing me that they had had some trouble with his interrogation so they had brought in someone from the local CID that knows him to "put the hammer on him". When the CID bod arrived he entered the interrogation room and said:-

"Who the f$ck is that??? That ain't xxxxx xxxxx!!!!"

Oooops, some poor sod just spent four days in RUC interrogation for no good reason... :oops:

Oh well... That's life... 8)
Airborne_Aircrew said:
Another from NI... (It's becoming a pattern)

Oooops, some poor sod just spent four days in RUC interrogation for no good reason... :oops:

Oh well... That's life... 8)
Just think how much you saved him if food, drink, fuel costs, comfort etc. :lol:

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