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My Beautiful Wedding! Pure Magic


Book Reviewer
MightyBigEgo said:
I like the fact the best place they have chosen for the photos are in front of the garage doors!! Priceless!
That wasn't the garage - that was the door to the Honeymoon suite!!

Bloody hell! his torso is as round as her calf! I feel sorry for the husband having to wait in the airport departure lounge for his honeymoon, whilst they Kanban and palletize his wife for freight.
:D :D Looks as though he married three women if her body mass is anything to go by. Methinks that he will need to strap a sturdy plank to his arrse in case he falls in :twisted: :twisted:

The silly bast@rd really doesn't know what he has let himself in for.

Just too much woman for me............thank God :p
Photographer: 'Can I have the bride and groom please?' 'Oi you two, fück off outa the way and stop pis#ing around - BRIDE AND GROOM PLEASE!!'

'We ARE the bride and groom...'

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