my basic training so far

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by matt_1234, Jul 12, 2006.

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  1. alright guys, just completed my week 7 drill test and am back home for long wkend, i have to say it has been really good so far and i am enjoying it a lot, there are hard days but stick with it and you will be fine, just one question i have exercise half way next week and i am worrying about getting all my kit clean in super fast time, for morning inspection, any usefull tips, tricks, ideas?

  2. You should start a blog about your training, mate. Obviously without compromising PERSEC and that, but I reckon there's a fair few people out there who'd find it really interesting and useful.
  3. i would definately find it usefull and interesting, any insight into training would be usefull....start a blog!
  4. Practice makes perfect!

    My only tip, would be make sure your weapon is clean - you are much less likely to get a ragging for dirty boots
    as you are for having a grotty bang stick.

    And don't jack - if you get finished before the inspection, help your muckers.
  5. what do u mean getting ur kit clean? i rememeber when i did basic we were told by our platoon staff to wear the same set of combats for the week. And in the morning you have a limited amount of time for admin, just make sure your always doing 2 things at once. Remember, the order you do things in is my rifle, my kit, my self. So most importantly make sure your rifle is clean. while you are cleaning that you can get scoff on etc.

    ex 2 is the hardest exercise you will do, but its as hard as you make it. Work hard and dont screw up at its easy. Just make sure you have your rifle on you at all times, and crouch when your not on the move.
  7. I was about to say.. The only day I got off was the day before I passed out.

  8. I think that he might need access to the internet to write a blog.... thats why he needed to wait till his long weekend to post this.

    And on the subject of the thread, weapon, kit, self. Eat your rations cold before the morning inspection, that saves a few minutes cleaning. Good luck, I've had the best years of my life since I joined up!
  9. Wet wipes are the key! get wet wipes! They clean everything bro.
  10. Don't start a blog. Its all very well saying without compromising PERSEC, but that does mean cutting down on a lot of detail... and if you get caught, people with the power to make your life not worth living will have a nice little chat, and you might not like it too much.

    My advice, for what its worth:
    Do keep a diary of sorts if you can, write up what you do, and after you pass out, give it to your OC so they can get somebody vet it all before you release it on the world. Bit of a pain in the arrse, but keeps you safe from a beasting or few.
    In the field, get your weapon done first, and when you're getting your scran on, get your oppo's scran in the same mess tin to save on cleaning... you can eat rats cold as biscuits suggested, but I find I feel better and more motivated after some hot food down my neck.
    Make sure your weapon is the last thing you touch before you're inspected, just to brush off any crap that the wind blew onto it whilst you were laying your kit out.
  11. I caught onto this a couple of days ago. I spent £4 on baby wipes at a market the other day. I got 320 wet wipes for 7 many more will I need?
  12. Surely we need to teach him/her the correct way before we start giving Him shortcuts???

  13. hmmm, and what do you think his Section Commander would do if he found him eatting cold food to save cleaning his mess tins!

    Infact, what would you think of someone in a field unit who ate cold food to save on cleaning up!
  14. Don't use cheap baby wipes if you have the old haemerriods

    did that once, hit the roof of the portaloo !! :x
  15. ohhh, heamerroids. I had mine banded the other day. Had to be the most painful experience ever, even more than the time I walked on a fractured tibia for four hours!

    edited to say - my fractured tibia.