"My barrel will glow with righteousness...."

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Maalox, Feb 8, 2010.

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  1. The A2 is claimed to be the most reliable bullpup.

    In the unikely event of this upcoming battle


    being as intense as they expect, then in continuous & pauseles firefights when Enfield's barrels, firing pins and chambers glow not cherry red, but white hot, then this SA80 reliability claim will be put to the test!

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  2. Are you on smack?
  3. No: Tetley's!
  4. Go back to the smack, will you?
  5. How do you work out that this is unlikely to happen? Do you think that it's all a big wind up then? :roll:

    That's right, because it's never been used out there before for sustainded periods has it? Never tested extensively before this version was issued?

    Are you on the Afghan export powder or were you just at the back of the queue when intellect was being handed out?
  6. I think whoever designed that scope mount was on smack......
  7. Why? It's a decent design and can be reversed to sit at proper eye relief on the LMG

    You've had problems with yours whilst on ops have you?

  8. Should that not read H&K?
  9. I am sure (hope) it is all part of the masterplan, but, I was surprised to find the media posting details of op Moshtarak including some maps(albeit generalised)

    When the media got wind of the plan to take Goose Green and printed details it was tantamount to treason.

    two deaths sadly reported today, though the media gleefully compared that with the number of service men killed in 1982.

    What will they make comparisons with next? Are there researchers checking out the numbers of casualties in previous wars / battles?
  10. I hate how the amount of deaths is treated like a cricket innings.

    Disgustingly morbid. Why do we need to know the exact number of deaths? How is it relevant and why does it need to keep being repated?
  11. Maalox? Who is this maalox? Have they changed their name from Bollox then? I thought that was the name of the original poster :?
  12. Nope, definitely Maalox... he just talks Bollox 8O
  13. When one thinks of the bomb casualties the Americans, French and British suffered in Lebanon 1983, our boys were lucky to get out without even a single stubbed toe!
  14. He is a fecking wind up merchant.