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My Bad...a rant.


Book Reviewer
What the hell is MY BAD?

In the last year I have increasingly seen and heard teenagers using the phrase “My Bad” in place of “My mistake” or “I have made an error of judgement.”

Only last week I had to offer to sever one of the children’s tongues for daring to crucify the English language with this illiterate cack.

Where on God’s little green and blue earth did this stupid, cretinous phrase spring from and which has action not been taken to tax illiteracy in order to punish the stupid?
maninblack said:
What the hell is MY BAD?

In the last year I have increasingly seen and heard teenagers using the phrase “My Bad” in place of “My mistake” or “I have made an error of judgement.”
You're lucky you've only heard it from teenagers. Only last week I received a work-related email from a mid-twenties graduate who used that phrase to apologise for some corrupted data they'd sent to me! :pissedoff:
Its origins should be obvious, the good old US and A. (Where they seem to butcher our language more and more every day).

It's also a personal pet hate of mine, and my guys are in no doubt about the crap coming their way if i hear it used :threaten:
Lady_H said:
Lol, is it 'MY BAD'

If so, this weekend some numptey told me it was his 'BAG'. Duh!
"My bag" is something quite different, Lady_H. When not used to claim ownership of luggage of some kind, I do believe that "my bag" (normally "my bag, baby!", said Austin Powers-stylee) means "my thing".
sorry wrong thread MY BAD!!! LOLOL :)

the usa needs to start culling these backstreet, inbred, abortion wannabies

its all homers fault and his bloody DOH!!

if i got walked into,and someguy said "my bad" id tell him "no its my bad"!!!

follwed shortly by having his toes broken as i STEP down like a jackhammer on his feet.

opps my bad!!
how did you know!!!! is he yours too:)

my da is a fat coooont who looks pregnant and believes the bath is for coy carp


it seems im a dying breed in our family !!!THIN BLOKE!!!


Book Reviewer
Please accept my most sincere, humble and heartfelt apologies for being a complete and utter brainless, damaged cretin and for making this heinous mistake that is causing you such inconvenience.

I prostrate myself before you, willing to accept in any form whichever punishment you deem fit to bestow upon my sorry soul for the further crime of destroying the language of the Mother Country in such a reprehensible manner.

My BAD!!!
My Bad and other phrases is like text speak only cnuts use it. what is wrong with " terrible sorry old chap my fault entirely i do apologies sir"

i got an email the other day that i had to return to sender because it was all in text speak, and asked for it in english. the reply from them was that i should get with the times etc.

SD knows grammer is not his thing.
quicker with MY BAD!!

but when was the last time some drunk student/etc etc actually said anything which didn`t sound more like "oi you cunnnt,im gonna fooooking knife you,you cunnnnnt"

youth of today eh!!
Well if you have to "axe wha my bad" means then you are obviously not keeping up with the latest in aolteenfuckwit txtspk.

Which means it is your bad.
its my bad without a doubt then

remember the good ole days

right where`s mi bitch,im feeling like mi throats cut.

caught her in the gary-glitter,having what she calls "a shiiiit"

who does she think she is having HER time.:)

i tried to reason with her using good ole english, but it got boring` so i tried txt speech and viola!!she twigged!!

she will be awake again soon so im gonna make my own tea,and prepare my "you walked in a door " speech.

my bad

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