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In response to several questions, I must ask.

Who the hell is she?!!?

I must know so I can get searching on Papparazzi Filth and Robbs Celebs. Any answers?
beware, she bruises easily!!!

(and if she asks, no, it's not me, and, furthermore, tell the CSA to do one)
Ex-Mrs Whitehorse eh?

Can't have been much fun when her ass started to leak halfway through sex with my cum from when she'd just been down the road with me.
She was married to my father for several years and legend has it she ran away after she gave birth to me. Very little is known of her earlier life. Former neighbours,who were interviewed said they remember a lively little girl who was never afraid to bare it all for the world to see...


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Her name is Ethel, and she used to be a man. She now stars in Shemale Porn movies...
Got a bigger pic? Preferably with her insides showing.
her name's Gena Lee Nolin, she used to be in Baywatch enjoy!

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