My ARRSE is confused


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Clicking the 'Home' Tab or Mr Mushroom takes me to the ARRSEPedia. Very lovely it is too, but it ain't the ARRSE Home Page!


My bookmark seems to have been re-linked to Pedia, if you click on back to Arrse it just refreshes pedia page all most odd.

You can get back to ARRSE via the right panel by clicking on a thread but not via the left.

Will try the log in and out (mine is always on) and see what happens.

Just done that, it is the home page that has been taken over by the pedia page.

Re-linking my bookmark to last 50 see if that works.

It is the Home page, maybe the CO's are trying to encourage use of the Arrsepeda!
Just logged on now, got 'pedia, tried the main linky, but still got 'pedia

Only got into the forums by clicking a linky from an email.

I'll reboot and retry

Mark The Convict

Arrsepedia as well here, plus that dating ad featuring Jarrod's orange-faced girlfriend, which is just taking the piss. Maybe it's the full moon at work?
Same here.

But when I try to log in, it says that my username doesn't exist. I know some (ok, most) other users would prefer I didn't, but still. It's a bit harsh.

I've tried a few times now.

Edit: I seem to exist on my phone log in though. And having now gone straight to the NAAFI via Google search I'm able to log in on my PC. Weird

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