My ARRSE alert keeps going off, please stop annoying me!

I keep get alerts that bloody soldier boys are visiting my website from here. Who is it? Own up!

You all should know that I am far too important to be replying to rude comments from bloody squaddies. Anyway, I saw you all in that "choir" thing on TV.

Send me a free car Ling, and I'll make sure the badness stops, Honest.
I think it is Mr Deputy who is clicking me to death.

I have a new mobile page, if anyone is stupid enough to use an iPhone...


SPAM with Marmite smeared over it. Looks like shit on a Geordie bird's thigh at 2 o'clock on a January morning.
Mr D, you have been clicking on my site. how do I know it is you?

Then, you use the competition (if I can call them that) hehehe. :)

Talking of the Panda, I am convinced you and Fat_Cav are a dating pair...


Book Reviewer
Ling. Marry me. Do not throw a half eaten cake at me like the last time.
Have you all seen my new ANTI-RIOT vehicle??? hahahahaha#

here it is

This is what you are all missing. Heil Ling!

#16're a fecking madwoman! Where've you been you nutter?

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