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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by colinrobins, May 4, 2009.

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  1. i came from a broken home and lived in wandsworth (london).
    i was in a childrens home from the age of 12.
    a pretty mixed up kid.
    the only normality in my life was my aunty who lived in wales(god rest her soul) and at that time the army cadet force.
    [133 ]queens.sgt major such was the man in charge and what an imposing figure he was to a lad that cried a lot.
    he became a part time dad to me without even knowing it.
    anyway i remained in the army cadets for about 3 years and loved every minute of it.
    those were the days the weapons we used were the .303 and sometimes the t.a's -s.l.r's.
    i started to get into a lot of trouble with the police being a skinhead in wandsworth does that to you im afraid and ashamed to say.
    however i passed the territorial army drill hall at clapham junction one day,it was then home to (10) platoon 6/7 queens i remember speaking to a lieutenant xxxxxx,i spilled my guts to him and told him how i wanted to change my life around.
    the next thing i joined their ranks and did my basic training at bassingbourne barracks hertfordshire(the queens depot) not too friendly to stab bastards lol.
    anyway i was a pretty angry kid at that time,but my friends within the platoon and the officers and sgts that guided me really helped my life.
    i didnt realise then what an impact they would have on me for the rest of my life.
    i remained with 10 platoon 6/7 queens until we formed the new addition to the queens div the newly appointed (8 Queens fusiliers) (A) highwood coy.
    at clapham junction until our return to flodden road camberwell which was being re built at that time.
    i was in the wandsworth borough news along with some mates on the front page as the quarter guard meeting the c.o of the regiment on the opening day.
    we were then transferred to flodden road ,and again i was part of the quarter guard.
    the life was for me it meant everything to me,i lived and breathed army.
    so much so that as soon as my criminal convictions were classed as (spent) i joined the regular army.
    i wanted to drive tanks so i opted for a recce regiment and was supposed to have joined the 1st queens dragoon guards as im from wales originally.
    unbenowkn to me they had other ideas at cambrai barracks,catterick north yorks.
    i was to be re-badged 9th/12th royal lancers.
    basic training was a laugh i had the upper hand during this as i came from a hard T.A unit :D
    well basic ended and i arrived at wimbish where my regiment was then based.
    too be honest i married too early my life in the regiment had its good parts but as a whole a very intense un-happy time.
    i was a gunner mech,and assisted as a gunnery instructor at herford barracks in germany .
    that was my best time,i loved gunneryt.
    i hated the wankers in the regiment and to be honest when i smacked somebody up on excercise in germany it was the end of any promotion for me(even though i proved the bastards wrong and came runner up on my cadre course) hahahha not even a well done from the troop sgt.
    maybe because it was his gunner i smacked up in his turrett whilst he was in the commanders seat lol.
    i kept smashing his head into the armoured cowl of the gunners site.
    the red mist came in quite badly,i was going to kill him .
    and all the time loving it (you see this twat tried it on with m y ex-wife) end of story.
    he looked like a black and white pumpkin the following morning.
    anyway as a whole i had some good friends in the regiment but reading todays stories about the members there makes me embarrassed to be ex 9/12.

    hope i havent bored you guys but had to share some of the shit im carrying on my shoulders.
    thanks for reading.
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  6. I was an AI in 135 det briefly. Do you remember xxxxxxxx?

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  7. cant remember sorry matey sorry for sounding like an idiot but whats an (AI) its been a long time now....
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