Discussion in 'Poetry Corner' started by durchy, Dec 21, 2009.

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  1. This is all my own work. Hope you enjoy and helps to touch a few hearts and reminds some to remember when we are able to have a safe Christmas. British army - can't beat 'em.

    I went to the mountains on a bright clear day,
    There was snow on the ground and birds in the hay,
    I wished with my heart that I'd gone out in May,
    But that choice doesn't exist for a SOLDIER.

    Now I sit here in Kent and look out at the sky,
    And my thoughts turn to Christmas - another minced pie,
    But out in other mountains the lads now ask 'why?'
    But that choice doesn't exist for a SOLDIER.

    We are safe in the UK but not everyone is,
    We listen to Slade while they listen for the whizz,
    Of a mortar just fired by a terrorist in a tizz,
    Because he can't really fight like a SOLDIER.

    And sometimes we ponder at the rememberance house,
    How the patrols left the bases as quiet as a mouse,
    But no one tries to shoot us inside our own house,
    and for that you can salute like a SOLDIER.

    So remember the lads upon this merry Christmas morn,
    And think of the injured all twisted and torn,
    And think while you drink with Mum and Uncle Shaun,
    That you owe your Christmas cheer to a SOLDIER.
  2. i havent got uncle shaun???
  3. Doesn't matter if you haven't got an Uncle called Shaun - it's a metaphor :roll: :?

    Hope you enjoyed it anyway. I have some others I'll be posting up if theres interest.
  4. Uncle Shaun sounds particularly sinister to me. I bet he really likes kids.
  5. I agree. Where's me Dad whilst Shaun has come around for a drink ?

    He's not up that mountain alluded to in the first verse, is he ?
  6. Load of shite
  7. while your thinking up some more, i'll be over here on the edge of my seat
  8. Yeah, cheers for that :roll:

    At least others enjoyed them and if you can't say anything constructive etc.
    Thanks for the comments of others - will post another when appropriate. Right now its probably best just to soak that up and tink on the sentiments.
  9. me neither....are we supposed to?
  10. Look up 'metaphor' in the dictionary you spluffer :roll:
  11. Everybody has an Uncle Shaun. He watches you when you sleep.
  12. Oooh....someone got out of bed on the wrong side today!
  13. Will that get me an Uncle Shaun? I don't really want one.
  14. Dunno. Was he the one who forgot to teach sarcasm identification?
  15. Would you be really upset if I declined :wink: