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Hi all

Just joined these forums, been trying to apply for the army for about a year and a half. Here's my story.

So did my application. Took my barb test. Everything was good until they looked at my medical records. They sent me a letter saying in short "Sorry you have a nickel allergy, we can't take you. Feel free to appeal" So anyway got checked out by my GP and had several letters from her telling the army that I had no nickel allergy. Anyway I get a letter saying I have anti-social behavioural problems and must wait 4 YEARS! in order to apply again.

So yeah I was pretty pissed off. Anyway checked out my medical records and realised why they had got the idea I had "problems" I had gone counselling with my family months before my application. Ended in two sessions but he had noted down in my records that I had tons of problems e.g "Violence, drugs, anger problems etc" I can understand why the Army denied me entry but this was all not true.

So far I know the nickel problem can be sorted by visiting a Dermatologist and getting proof. I have no idea how I can sort out the second problem.

If anyone could give me any advice on how to proceed I would be very grateful.

(A Major I know even thought this was very harsh and was surprised)

You sound perferct for the Army, Violence, Anger issues, if only it had said alcohol instead of drugs...

But seriously you need to make an appointment to see your GP , explain your situation, and see if they would support an appeal against the armies refusal. This is where proper old fashioned family GP's come into their own. If the GP has know you and your family for the last 20 or 30 years their word about your personal charcter wouild carry more weight than a "specialist" who perhaps saw your mother for family counscelling and not you personally. You should also get it confirmed that it was your mother that was referred and not yourself. I hope you get your case reviewed and a chance to make something of yourself and are not punished unfairly for the sins of the parents.

Good luck lass.
Like the above have said , Go speak to your GP about this as there word sadly in this case is better than yours and is more proof than anything esle , Also try talking to your local AFCO About this issue chase it up !
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