My After Action Report on the Weapons Fire Weekend at JJH's Farm

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Ruckerwocman, May 15, 2013.

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  1. As the only ARRSEer who followed through on his intention of taking up JJH’s offer to fire various and sundry rifles, pistols, arquebusses, etc. at his range at a wonderful weekend of shooting, (yea verily, even the fair young ARRSE maiden, Miss Sluggy, Miss Bony Liverpool 2001, backed out), it falls to me to tell you what you weasels missed.

    I wasn’t sure what to expect when I drove down to meet COL Jumping Jar-head. One never knows for sure when one is meeting people through the Internet after all, and I was not reassured to find out that he lived ‘way back in the piney woods of north rural Georgia at the dead end of a dirt road, miles away from any help,

    Jarhead Shoot 12.jpg

    Jarhead Shoot 10 - Bates.jpg

    Once I found his place though and met him it was alright and I found out that he and his missus were real great people and couldn’t do enough for their guests.

    You people missed a classy shoot. Jumping Jar Head was a really nice guy and his wife was pretty awesome too. They both treated me like their only son and I was a little embarrassed at how good I had it. I had my own bed all to myself in a master bedroom on the 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] floor of this fellow’s mansion and my own flat screen TV to watch when I had retired for the night. (Even though I couldn’t figure out how to use the DISH network cable box and thus didn’t get to watch any TV during my stay, it was the thought that counted – and I suppose if I had asked JJH to show me how to use it, he would have been happy to do so I’m sure. That’s on me and I’m certainly not complaining!)

    Other shooters were invited and they certainly brought some sweet weapons. They all appeared to have law enforcement or personal protection backgrounds but they were all sound men and we had a lot in common, particularly in regards to the whole Second Amendment issue. “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.[SUP]”

    These are some of the rifles which were on tap to be fired.
    Jahhead Shoot 1.jpg

    Jarhead Shoot 2.jpg

    There was a pistol range too. Here are some of the guys firing at 25 and 50 feet.

    Jarhead Shhot 3 Obscu.jpg

    Jarhead Shoot 4 Obscu.jpg

    Jarhead Shoot 5 Obscu.jpg

    I shot a Glock auto but I would have to say I’m an indifferent shot with a pistol. The other guys were much better at it than I was.

    Here they’re just taking the piss firing the weapon side-ways “ghetto-style”. They still hit the target too!

    JarHead Shoot 11.jpg

    My sweet, sweet match ’03 Springfield. I was a crack shot with this on the rifle range. I was shooting at metal targets and the results sounded like an old fashioned alarm clock going off:

    BLAM! Hit Klang! BLAM! Hit Klang! BLAM! Hit Klang! BLAM! Hit Klang! BLAM! Hit Klang! BLAM! Hit Klang! BLAM! Hit Klang! BLAM! Hit Klang! BLAM! Hit Klang!

    Jarhead Shoot 7 Obscur.jpg

    Jarhead Shot 6.jpg

    Mine host did say, Jeeze, Don’t Bogart that Springfield. Let some other blokes have a chance!

    I also had the opportunity to fire both an M-1 Garand (CMP model) as well as an L1A1 (SLR) and I know now why Tom Brokaw called the World War II generation the greatest generation as imagine having to carry around that rifle all the way through Europe – it weighs a good deal – much more than my M16/M4 rifle. These were real heroes these infantrymen of yore and I believe the question has been settled for all time as to what is the belter weapon for individual plinking the M-1 Garand or the L1A1. The M-1 wins in my books no question about it.

    As a special treat, we fired an UZI full auto with a silencer. You had to pay attention and have a good grip on the weapon as that lead spits out pretty fast. One of the guys showed that Sir Isaac Newton’s Second Law of Motion was still in force as the recoil of the weapon forced him back as it fired. I didn’t find it that hard myself, but back in my tank days I fired more than one or two magazines of .45 caliber ammunition through my trusty M3 grease gun.

    Jarhead Shoot 8 Obscu.jpg

    All in all, I had a most enjoyable time and I would be glad to go again. They even took me out for dinner on my last day with them to a ‘50s themed diner in Cornelia, GA, how about that? And the COL picked up the check! This has not been my experience with Colonels in the past; COL B*** (later MG B***) a humourless fellow indeed and a true B** and a pinch-fist **** or COL M*** a fellow I had the distinct pleasure of an interview without coffee with at an early point in my Army career; he was a real fatherless indeed. (Although he eventually signed off on my Meritorious Service Medal.)

    I shall be honored to be invited for a future shoot if there is one. Hopefully our friends across the water will deign to attend if only to hold up the honour of “that rifle” in competition with good old American iron. Yes, I’m looking at you, Pirate Girl.

    Pirate Girl 1.JPG
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  2. It was a real pleasure having you join our happy few at our humble, though purposely remote, abode. We do intend to have another ARRSE shoot hopefully before the end of the year if there is sufficient interest.

    i also must explain the unconventional pistol stance I am using (I am the left handed shooter firing with one hand). That was our "ghetto blaster" shoot off from 50' at a man-sized silhouette. I am not sure what it says about my shooting in winning that particular skill test. ;-)
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  3. I'm amazed Sluggy moved once.
  4. Sounds like a good time was had by all, you wont get an opportunity to shoot various weapons, esp pistol, in the uk( moss side, luton and brixton exempted).
    Jjh would you be having a shoot next year? I am touring with my mrs ( ex wrac ) and two of my teenage kids. I could see if they would like to stay with friends and relatives and try and sneak of for a shoot.

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  5. I am sure we can work something out to fit your schedule. Keep me apprised via PMs.
  6. Excellent report there Ruck. Sad that there wasn't a larger ARRSE contingent but these things happen when it's so far away. Still, I suppose it makes the logistics simpler for Mrs JJH.

    If Ruck and JJH were the only ARRSErs, does that infer that there's another in JJH's cohort who owns an SLR?
  7. Indeed so and after the inaugural shoot last year he has joined the fun as an ARRSE member himself!
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  8. _Chimurenga_

    _Chimurenga_ LE Gallery Guru

    You've neglected to mention the best part of your stay in Georgia - Mrs JJH's cooking.
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  9. What?! No banjos?
  10. Egg type or actual banjos?
  11. No, they have ready made egg in a carton.

    You weren't there man.
  12. _Chimurenga_

    _Chimurenga_ LE Gallery Guru

    I was thinking more of her macaroni & cheese.

    I've also adopted her habit of putting cranberries in my porridge.
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  13. I got pancakes........