My Acer

Can anyone give me a tip why this might be happening, I recently bough an
Acer Aspire ONE 532 - Atom 1.66 GHz - 10.1 Zoll - 1 GB RAM - 250 GB HDD

and everytime i switch it on it makes a high pitched noise, if i switch it of and restart it the noise is gone, sometimes it takes a couple of restarts. It came loaded with windows 7 and andriod. Any help much apreciated.
If you have just bought it did you register it after purchase ??, I have had my Acer a couple of months and recently had a problem which, after chatting to the Helpline guy, ended up with it having to be reset to factory settings.

Give the Acer Helpline a call, best people for the job .. 0871 760 1000 .. have your serial number and receipt handy.
I would go with Hakagure, if its new and still under warranty then go back to the place of purchase / manufacturer as a warranty issue. Better than then risk invalidating the warranty by try to fix it yourself.

A high pitched noise sounds like a mechanical problem (not an audible alarm type sound) and I would think the most likely cause is a failed / failing fan bearing or similar as there aren't that many moving mechanical parts to choose from.
Cheers all, yes its less than a month old so the warrenty is still valid. Its anoying because i bought it to replace a Dell xps with i had for 3 years and i loved. The Acer was a spur of the moment buy which i regreted as soon a i got it home.
My Aspire One is very quiet, so sounds like you were just unlucky and got a duff one.

Mine has ended up as the main computer at home, with external hard drive, keyboard, monitor and mouse. No mechanical probs so far, but did once have to reinstall Windows XP (off the hidden partition on the hard disk). Only real gripe is that the batteries don't last long when I do go mobile with it.


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if its a speaker noise then its a driver error, if its electronic/mechanical then its about to fail.
Acer ones are notorious for fan failures.

They have a habit of starting to boot then just stopping as the fan isn't turning, quick (light) tap on the underside gets it going again though.

Take it back to the shop.

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