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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by adamb, Oct 27, 2008.

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  1. Ok i got my ADSC coming up next week and im hoping to join Infantry ( 2 Royal Anglian, The Poachers ) and i have just been thinking about if i did not ( for some reason ) make the criteria for infantry.

    I mainly want a combat role my second job choices are

    Royal Artillery - Light Gun
    Royal Logistics Corps - Driver

    is there much combat/action in these two job choices? As if i dont make it for infantry but make it for either of them, i don't know wether to deny my job choice and retry ADSC or take one of those job choices. I know it might seem like im saying iv'e failed before iv'e even got there but im not trust me i guess im just asking, do you see much action in Royal Artillery/Royal Logistics Driver?

    I should be ok on ADSC

    10:30 Avg 1.5 mile, 15-20 Heaves. I know you don't get tested on Pressups/situps but just to give an overall idea of my fitness, 30-40 Pressups & 70+ Situps. Bearing in mind iv'e only been training 3months.

    Thx all.
  2. Poachers are based in Germany at the moment arnt they? Hope you don;t get home sick!
  3. As far as i know yeah 2 Royal Anglian are in Celle Germany to my knowledge. Also a tour in afgahnistan i think, op telic 12 is it? I don't get homesick lol.
  4. How about joing a light gun reg as a driver???
    If your really quick you may even get to come to Afgan with us when we go in March/ April and you also get based in Lisburn N.I
  5. Gunner light gun, says it in the name, maybe not al much 'thick of it' combat as normal infantry, but i'd say go for Royal Artillery, you get a little of everything!
  6. Thanks fluffer. Iv'e been looking around but i can't get on the RL section and some of the info i need on RA comes up 404 error not found.
  7. Here you go chap:

    MIN AGE: 16yrs 9mths
    MIN SERVICE: 4yrs

    Maintains and operates the highly manoeuvrable Light Gun. Provides close artillery support to infantry and tanks.

    The Light Gun is a towed artillery gun which can be moved around the battlefield by vehicle or helicopter. The Light Gun’s mobility means it can provide firepower where it is needed most and for this reason it equips the Royal Artillery’s Parachute and Commando trained regiments. It has been used in recent operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a Gunner Light Gun, you will be part of a crew of six. You will prepare ammunition, bring the Light Gun into action and fire it. Due to its versatility, serving with a Light Gun battery is a passport to an extremely varied career. You can volunteer to undergo the tough All Arms Commando Course and then serve in 29th Commando Regiment Royal Artillery alongside the Royal Marines. As you gain experience, you will have the opportunity to earn promotion and eventually command your Light Gun detachment.

    You will learn to drive the Pinzgauer 4x4 Gun Towing Vehicle and will be trained to operate, maintain, service and fire the Light Gun as well as preparing its ammunition.

    On completion of basic training, you will move to Larkhill on Salisbury Plain where you will start your Phase 2 Training to turn you from a basic soldier into a Gunner. You will learn to drive and will be trained to operate and fire the Light Gun. You will learn to maintain and service the gun as well as preparing ammunition. You will use advanced computer systems to aim the gun accurately. You will also have plenty of opportunity to play sport and take part in adventurous training. All Commando Volunteers will be given plenty of opportunity and assistance to prepare for the All Arms Commando Course – for more information see COMMANDO TRAINING>


    Full driving licence CAT B+E, C+E, tracked

    European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)

    Computer Literacy and Information Technology Stage 1 (CLAIT)

    Certificate in Team Leading

    ILM Diploma in Management

    Adult Literacy and Numeracy qualifications

    NVQs in Learning and Development

    Information Technology Certificates

    Your prospects for promotion will depend on your quality, performance and completion of your training. You should aim for promotion in the following time frames; Lance Bombardier in about 3-4 years, Bombardier in about 4-6 years and if you are very lucky, Sergeant from 6 years. You will progress through the ranks to become the commander of a Light Gun, controlling the equipment and leading the gun detachment as a Bombardier or Sergeant. You can continue working on the gun line as a Gun Line Section Commander in the rank of Staff Sergeant. If you are good enough, you may be selected to ‘fast-track’ and attend the Gunnery Careers Course. There are opportunities to become an instructor or develop a specialist trade such as Instructor Gunnery. Your military experience and trade training, combined with NVQs and leadership training, builds a package that is respected in the civilian world.

    This combat role will see you working as part of a small, highly trained, closely knit team. You will deploy on operations and exercises in all weather and climatic conditions including the Arctic, jungle and desert. Light Gun soldiers are motivated people who train to be physically and mentally tough and who rely on teamwork to overcome challenges and achieve results.
  8. If a teeth-arm role tickles your fancy, then you could think about forward observation in the RA, either as an Observation Post assistant or with 4/73 Special OP bty.

    Plenty of action there; not fighting as such, but intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance. The eyes and ears of the army...

    RLC Drivers are seeing a fair bit of action nowadays, with the Taliban ambushing convoys etc. Certainly the Commando Logistics Regiment are; page 14, Navy News September 2008

    Best of luck with whatever you choose.
  9. Thanks for that Bravo and fluffer.

    Yeah i read you can try out to be attached to the commando or paras. If i don't get my first chocie but i get offered this i think i'll take it. I just wanted to make sure it was nothing like cleaning a gun all day long.
  10. My second choice is Gunner Light Gun mate (first being coldstream guards), so get the same dates as me! The usual attachment is the 29th Commando Regiment Royal Artillery if you volunteer for it, you have to be shit fit for it, more so than the paras............
  11. Im joining the Royal Artillery, its sounds much more varied than most other combat career paths, and its not as harcore or as hardline infantry regiment, to be honest most battalions usually train as hard as the Paras or Royal marines so the only difference is the training is much tougher for the paras and marines, i mean really tough as in waking up in a dos bag with icicles forming on your equipment to go on stag for 2 hours after an eight mile patrol in -10 conditions then to get bugged out and have to retreat for 9k to new harbour location to get even more tired wet cold angry and conditioned is not fun or easy. sorry not my cup of tea.
  12. When is your ADSC fluffer?
  13. Why did you choose the anglians fella?
  14. My recruiting area mate, that and my recruiter is a poacher himself so he was able to tell me abit about the anglians the rest i researched and just decided i want to join that.