My 20 odd year old pair of boots have died . . . .

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by theylie, Jun 24, 2012.

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  1. . . put on old boots that I havnt used in years, as I needed them for something. They looked quite shiny (once dusted) and in good order, despite having been in my garage growing old and dusty for most of that 20 years. :sad:
    Still very comfy and were looking good until I started to walk and the soles fell apart with great big clumps of rubber falling off! And in no time they looked like I'd tabbed round the world and walked through them!
    Looks like the soles have perished or is it my soul and thats another story!

    Now my ques is, is this the standard of kit?! Fall apart after 20 years!

    No really my ques is can they be resoled as they are really quite comfy and well worn in as you can imagine!
    It doesnt look to me like they can and wanted to check arrse opinion before a cobbler laughs me out his shop! :thumright:
  2. They're proboots aren't they? Yes they can be re-soled.
  3. Yeah proboots. Cheers. Looks like a cobbler will be getting a laugh this week then!
  4. I thinks it's the pay off for them being light and flexible. There have been a few posts about them, get them cobbled as its hard to find such comfortable boots.
  5. Yeah defo a very comfy pair of boots!
  6. msr

    msr LE

    I recall reading that the lifespan of the soles is only a few years...
  7. Yup I think you're right and both mine disintegrated after about ten years.
  8. So my tale of woe is not that uncommon?
  9. Very true. I remember blokes drawing boots from the QM that disintegrated the next day. Apparently something to do with a chemical compound in the soles reacting to light after a certain period of time. In layman's terms they were 'cheap ******* shite'.
  10. Aye but comfy cheap shite!
  11. deffo another thread on this. I broke out my pro boots for a bit of casual kilt wearing and dancing at my oppos wedding.

    Woke up in a hotel room with black crumbly shit all over the place and a pair of boots that looked like I'd put my feet down at speed when on a motorbike.

    absolutely no sole left at all, I ditched them in the room. didn't realise I could have salvaged them
  12. No I think it was to do with plasticisers being added to make the soles flexible but the result isn't long life.
  13. Being an old sweat I've still got my original pair of combat highs ...complete with lace in zips..purchased from the NAAFI at Sennelager if my memory serves me correctly.

    I remember there was a design fault with these boots and the sole used to peel away from the boot at the heel leaving what looked like a big nail sticking out.

    This pair seem fine though. I wear them when I go off on the bike.

    Good boots.
  14. Penis to the power of three.