MWST rates in BFG

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by redwhiteandblue, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. Can someone confirm to me the rates of MWST in BFG and also how it is worked out.

    I beleive them to be 19% but when my auftrag office works them out you end up with 15.91% which is 3.1% less. not alot I know but if you are buying expensive stuff then it could end up a fair bit.

    When I queried this I was told that this is the way they are told to work it out.

    I am trying to clear this up so when i buy something i would like to work out how much it is actually going to cost instead of a guestimate.

    thanks for any info on this.
  2. easy way to work it out is divide the cost with mwst by1.19 then that will give you price you pay
    the cost in the shop is 100% plus the mwst(19%) so if you work out 19% of that price it is 19% of cost without mwst and 19% of mwst
    not sure explained that ok but i understand it
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    It went up this year to 19%. Not everything has the same rate though, some exemptions and special rates exist.
    Anything like "luxury" goods, electricals etc will all be 19%.
  4. food is 5%
  5. this is the problem I have dividing something by 1.19 does not give you 19%

    ie 100 / 1.19 equals 84.03
    100 - 19% equals 81
    thats a difference of 3.03

    not alot if you only spend 100 euro's but if you buy everything in germany cause we live here then over a period that mounts up especially if you buy white goods and furniture.

    if this is the way that the tax relief is calculated then it should not be advertised as 19%. if it is 19% we are supposed to get then surely the way it gets calculated should be changed.
  6. I think you've got your basic assumption wrong. The price the shops charge is the net price PLUS 19% MWST. Taking 19% off the gross price will not get you back to the net.

    ie 100 + 19% = 119

    119 - 19% = 96.39

    Does that make it any clearer?
  7. I understand that clearly.

    If i paid 100 for it then i would expect 19 back in mwst so i would pay 81

    if i paid 119 then i would pay 96.39

    but if i divide 119 by 1.19 then i get 100 so my tax rate is less. 100 - 96.39 = 3.61

    if i do a percentage sum ie divide by 100 then multiply by the % then the figure is less than that of the amount i actually pay, using the calculation that the mwst office uses.

    seems to me that we are getting a bum deal from the tax releif thing.
  8. just to add to this thread i have purchased from Doddenhof, Danische and ikea to name a few the shop has worked out how much tax i should get back. on all occasions the MWST has changed the amount so i have had to pay more. now surely the shop knows how much tax they add to there goods and therefor you would think they no best.
  9. Crikey don't ever become an accountant will you?

    The Mwst is what is added onto the net (tax free) amount. Therefore, at 19% Mwst an item retailing at 100 euros will cost you 84.03 euros. (100 divided by 1.19). The 19% Mwst is 19% of the 84.03 net price which is added on top and takes it to 100 euros. You are clearly calculating 19% of the retail price (100 euros) which already has the Mwst added.

    Once again - Mwst is 19% of the net amount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Look at it this way - if you had 2 apples and you gained 50% then you'd have 3 apples wouldn't you????

    But if you take 50% of what you now have away then you are only left with 1 and a half apples aren't you?????

    Doesn't work does it???????????

    But if you take away 50% of the original amount which was 2 apples then you only take 1 apple away from the 3 and are left with 2 apples!!!!!!!!

    Surely you must understand it now?????
  11. Is it the same for Kiwi Fruit :D :D :D :D
  12. would this work with oranges because they have segments?
  13. I can't understand what all the bleating is about. Even if you pay the MWST on your goods, it's still a million times cheaper than buying it back here in rip off Britain.

    Stop moaning and start spending. Get as much credit out there as you can too. Naafi do a good line in extortionate loans.
  14. Is it the same method when dividing loaves and fishes amongst the masses?
  15. Don't know where you are fella, but get your Merwertsteur Clerk to ring the Merwertsteur Office in JHQ. They've got it sorted down here, never had a problem. They even let us pay by cheque using the Fixed exchange rate of €1.5 - £1.