MW2 worth getting? (Xbox)

Okay, having re-built the house and finally got the network cable installed again I am thinking of restarting my Xbox Live account.

i had a great time on COD MW, especially the online aspect, but i've heard that the online maps for MW2 aren't the best.

Anyone got any thoughts? Are the servers for MW still relatively active or has everyone headed to MW2?

smudge67 said:
You can still play both
I understand that...haven't bought MW2 yet so was trying to find out if the MW servers have anyone still playing or if they are dead with a couple of mongs hogging the bandwidth?

I'll probably splash out on MW2 anyway...I'm a wimp when it comes to willpower.

Yeah I had a quick go on MW the other day and got my ass handed to me several times, I never failed to get into a game with a decent amount of people on the original Modern Warfare.

Do yourself a favour though, if you're going to get cod4:mw, then make sure you pick up the GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION, as that one comes with all the DLC maps 'In the box' A fair number of times I was playing with a group of people then got booted out when the next game loaded because I haven't downloaded any of the map packs :(
Or just wait until 5th March and get Bad Company 2. Its gonna be better methinks. Of course this is just in my own very humble opinion. :)
yrkshrewarrior said:
definitely get MW2. Maps are very good and its an over all better game than MW1.
Agree'd. Though I'd get both as the story in single player mw2 KIND of continues from MW1 and its worth playing single player too I think
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