MW2 - Surprise promotions - is this some virus?

Chaps has anybody comes across this before:

Playing a genuine copy of MW2, with disc in drive, not hacked and no cheats anyway or form.

Shoot someone with a silence TAR-21 - last of 20 needed for unlock - some numbers (such as (1.224424012+0202020) or something) in brackets and in in-game font, appear on screen, and I get made a 2 star general.

Next kill, which corresponds with 60 down the red dot sight, and bam - more numbers as above and I get made a 5 star, level 70 - I was barely a 1st Lt and enjoying working through the multiplayer challenges. Now, all weapons and challenges are unlocked, althought not cmplete - and the rank stuck when I left the game.

Has anybody come across this before?

DoIhave some sort of virus?

Is this going to really p*ss off steam or some such and get me banned?

Thanks for any help.
Well, as Stephen once Quoted in Braveheart:

"The Almighty tells me he can get me out of this mess, but he's pretty sure you're fukced".

See you in there Vlad, I'm just slowly creeping my way through the ranks!


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Report it through Steam (assuming bug reports can be sent through the system) before it does come back and bite you on the arrse. They've made a big deal of tracking down and banning aimbot/wallhack cheaters, and they don't even jump into the main server code. This little "glitch" sounds like it's done some serious jiggery-pokery and, at first glance, looks like it'll be even easier for an admin to spot. Get in there first.
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