MW2 Stuck - Any ideas?

Recently, as soon as I log off MW2 multiplayer, whatever stats I have achieved have not stayed when I log back on - ie unlocks, badges, prestige up etc. It is the same on my home internet wifi, and on camp.

Has anybody had this problem before, and any idea how to resolve it?

Is this on Steam for the PC?
I confess I don't know much about computers, but I had a search online and found these steps that might help.

1. Make sure the game is not running.
2. Make sure Steam is running.
3. Click on EAM's Delete Steam's Local Player Stats button.
4. Make sure Import / Export Stats in EAM's Automatic Stat Management is disabled / unchecked.
5. Load the game, play and rank up to level 2.
6. Exit the game through the menu.
7. You should now be able to load the game with a level 2 rank that is saved with Steam.
8. Import recently generated playerstats.txt files / use EAM as you wish.

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