MVP Socks...any good?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bravo_Zulu, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. I am about to go somewhere very wet for a bit, and so I've been given a pair of Cold Weather Warfare GTX boots, which I haven't had time to wear much yet, but I see from other threads that they hold the water a little if the insides get wet. Being a true remf who likes dry feet, I'm wondering if it's worth getting some sort of waterproof sock or liner to keep my toosies toasty. Can any hardened arrser out there help?

    B_Z 8)
  2. I bought a pair a couple of years back, and while they are quite effective, they can get quite damp inside from perspiation, so I wouldnt recommend them if you're going to be very active.

    That said, one of mates used to swear by his, and he wore them every time we were in the field.
  3. Only time i use them is when the liner in my lowa's gets wet and use these to stop clean dry socks getting wet keeping my feet dry, till the boots dry out
  4. A top tip that's been posted in other threads is to use the cuffs off of a set of NBC gloves arond the border twixt leg and boot. Voila gortex boots and still dry inside.

    I will admit I've not tried this myself but it sounds feasible.

    Also if you're not tabbing around doing infantry type stuff the new NBC overboots are excellent, especially in snow.

    Or you could try berghous (sp) yeti gaiters which seal around the welt of the boot.
  5. Waterproof socks even if breathable, like all breathable socks are going to get wet or damp with perspiration, either use merino wool bridgedale socks so even if wet you are still warm or just use a bridgedale coolmax liner underneath the waterproof socks, also creates a 2 layer system to prevent blisters then.
  6. wore mine in Canada at just about freezing point with boots combat assault and they performed brilliantly
  7. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    This is how I use them as well and, as far as I know, this is what they are designed for - ie in the patrol harbour/static location until your boots dry out.

    More than one friend of mine has come a cropper trying to do any sort of distance in them. Apparently, it really hurts.
  8. The NBC glove idea seems good; funny how you never think of the smart, simple way of solving a problem 8)

    Thanks for the opinions guys. I'll buy a pair (they're dirt cheap anyway) and if they're useless I'll sell them on ebay as SAS Special-Black-Operation Sniper-Walt socks. :twisted:
  9. the waterproof sock are brillaint
  10. Ironic that people seem to like them but 1000's remain in stock with only a few small sizes ever moving. The latest contract has updated the specification again as the old ones have sat unwanted on the shelf for 10 years. As the small ones have finally run out after a determined effort by certain Corps trg unit who has a high number of female recruits they have been replaced by the latest version which are identical to those available in 'all good shops'. It will take years for the bigger sizes to waste out and by then PECOC will have possibly replaced them.

    You could buy them or you could demand them..... cheap they maybe but nothing beats a good freebie from HM stores!
  11. Kitmonster

    Why not drop the NSN into the NSN sticky thread.
  12. Personnaly I swear by the Seal Skinz Waterproof/Breathable socks. They retail at around £18-£20 per pair, and you must try before you buy to get an exact fit, but great non the less.
  13. Yea found that one out to my error its the same with the gloves ignore the size chart thing and try on different sizes
  14. Incidently I do have a brand new pair of Seal Skinz lightweight waterproof socks for sale. £18 Brand new in box. Size 9 - 11 (Large). Bfore you ask, my brother bought them for me for xmas and they are too big, and it is too late to return them as he bought them in November!

    Anyone wanting them PM me
  15. From a pack laying unpacked in my sock drawer.


    I have size ten feet so one would hope I was given the right size.