Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by baldcossack, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. Anyone received a message regarding being crushed in a garbage compactor from this internet hero?
  2. Yes.

    You, apparently.
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  3. Nope. But nobody ever talks to me anyway. :(
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  4. This "hero" sent me a private message saying he wished to see me crushed "in a garbage compactor". Anyone know who he is?
  5. In addition to me. I don't want to be unique, please add to the garbage queue. I checked his history and old chef came up at the same time. Come mvik9950 confide in me.
  6. A garbage compactor? Sounds quite fluffy.

    Now if he threatened to feed you feet first into a wood chipper having set your willy on fire first, then you might have some room to grumble.
  7. This is a genuine PM I got the other month. I've edited portions that would lead to me being arrested for Contempt of Court:

  8. Exactly. How dare he be so feeble in his threat. I expect, nay require, an address, a date, an offer of his wife, sister, daughter. or all three. Come mvik9950 man up.
  9. Please, encourage this internet warrior to talk to you. Encourage him to meet, how about Aldershot July the 6th?
  10. He might be a botter, then what?
    You need to consider these things, he might make you his personal gimp and make you chew the big feather fillled marshmallow.
  11. Is it Mark Thatcher?
    m is the first initial.
  12. I don't mind what he is as long as he mans up.