Muxh harrumphing in the Daily Telegraph

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Jul 6, 2012.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. I declare STAB bashing season is open!

    Part of me thinks that the chuntering about an enhanced reserve is merely a lightening rod for the regular army's current frustration at the cuts, a way of focusing anger on the hapless STAB and away from the politicians implementing it. It is also a way of popping smoke and justifying the inevitable loss of capability as a result of SDSR which falls apart under any informed scrutiny.

    Must go, I need to polish my VC and Crimea medal so I can walt it up!
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  3. I might be a STAB, but journalists still have a lower level of knowledge and less values/standards than the average Reservist!

    Love to you all if you're reading.
  4. I found this painful to read.............Obviously this jurno should come to my battalion and see the copious amounts of afghan/ iraq medals from years of deployment with more to come from soldiers who are mobilised right now.
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  5. "For those who have a passion for dressing up in military uniforms and messing around with guns, joining the Territorial Army has traditionally been the best way of playing at soldiers without having to make any of the commitment and sacrifice demanded by the regular Army."

    Clearly been told what spin to add to his "article".
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  6. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Con Coughlin's view of the TA in this century demonstrates as firm a grasp on reality as Gordon Brown when he sold 200 tonnes of YOUR gold reserve at a historic market dip....hopefully someone will point out to the soppy twat that 16,000 reservists have deployed on what he would probably call 'Active Service' since 2003 - including a number who have earned Military Crosses....******.
  7. It's funny because its not far from the truth.

    It is a ridiculously huge leap of faith, it will fail as TACOS will not change, it will be a half arsed effort and the key bit... A vast percentage of TA soldiers are dross that should be cut back.
  8. Ah bollocks to it, football of the moment. Today's news, tomorrow's fish and chip paper.

    He'll be on to (pick your own)-coppers tomorrow, nurses the day after that, civil servants after that, anyone with a job after that.

    I'd like him to have a look in the mirror, and have a look at his mates in his office.

    What have the personal criminal failings of his journalists done for our society?

    What have the professional failings of journalists in not exposing corruption in power done for our society?

    But no, rather than ask hard questions (and yes, I did real the whole article), let's go for the easy low hanging fruit and ask no real difficult questions.

    Lack of application, lack of effort.

    Oh, what did he accuse the TA of?
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  9. Although this part made I larrfff.

    Commitment and sacrifice? The regular officer who put him up to this would do well to realise that deploying on operations as a reservist is quite often leaps and bounds worse than as a regular. The risk to your civvy job alone is significant and I know scores of lads who despite the bull from RTMC have since lost jobs/been passed over for promotion due to deployment. If thats not sacrifice I don't know what is. Some of those lads are still in The TA, and if thats not commitment it certainly is stupidity!
  10. dont you try and baffle him with facts
  11. However do you really want him to risk digging deep into what The TA are actually capable of?

    The TA Infantry capability starts to significantly deplete at Section commander level and by the time you get to the CSM's its just a drinking club for barely coherent jibbering idiots with the odd switched on cookie who stands out like a turd stained sheet on a persil ad.

    The Corps manage to pull off a more varied result by having some people who do their trade in civvy street and as such are quite good at it, The RAMC (v) being a prime example. However these bods are weighed down by the scores of enthusiastic amateurs who receive two weeks training/practice a year in said trade and believe themselves competent at it, never mind as soldiers as well.

    The TA would do well not to winge too much and just hope they're left alone to carry on regardless. Should someone look into the detail behing a few OSM's I think what they may uncover would be quite disturbing.

    If it was up to me the TA would be a pool of BCR's who were deemed competent by their regular counterparts, not outstanding by their own head shed, who may or may not be a qualified window cleaner monday to friday.
  12. Oh, and then some...

    Coughlin is firing from his chronically misinformed hip.
    I notice that he carefully avoids the notion that a similar revolution is needed in some* Regular Army attitudes.

    One error, amongst many, is that he makes the flawed assumption that the Regular Army will go on being as well trained as they are now. The hard truth of the matter is that those outside the Reaction Forces will be on a long lead time, which is another way of saying that they won't be expected to be at such a high level of collective capability. The TA training bar may be going up, but the Regular one's coming down.

    I wouldn't worry. There'll be more of this 'Mission Impossible' shite along soon because its as easy as a dog snatching sausages. Don't forget, journalists have been under the same kind of squeeze that the MoD is under right now, resulting in fewer retained hacks having to pump out the same volume of material. Reminds me the inverse square law; double the volume, quarter the quality.

    Couldn't help noticing that, as of 30 seconds ago, A2020 cannot be found anywhere on the BBC News homepage less than 24 hours after it broke. Maria de Vilotta, on the other hand is still there. It would seem that the loss of a racing driver's eye is more newsworthy than five battalions of Her Majesty's finest — a point that the Regular Army spin-doctors behind this rather ham-fisted campaign would do well to note.

    *I say some because I know and work with Regulars who 'get it'. They are intelligent enough to see that the situation first, isn't of the Reserves' making and have resolved to find the easiest way of making it work and second, won't get fixed by throwing teddies out of regimental prams and into the arms of waiting hacks.
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  13. Could not agree more.

    The hack should have had the decency to say which General had briefed him and in which restaurant the expensed meal and his consequent stuffing took place!
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  14. Fortunately, it's not up to you, is it?
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  15. thing is i dont really disagree that the TA in its current form cannot provide 30,000 ready to deploy reservists but thats what the people that pay the bills want now the army need to make sure that thats what they actually get rather than sulking and threatening to take their ball home with them.

    what i would like to see from the SoS is a detailed plan of how they will reform the TA to allow it to perform the task now required of it rather than just carrying on normal jogging and hoping more people join.

    if it was up to me we would actually decide what we wanted our place in the world to be and fund our armed forces accordingly
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