MUVI - Worlds smallerst HD DV cam - Heavy discount at RVOps

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Good CO, Jul 31, 2009.

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  1. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    RVOps are just about to heavily discount the Muvi, the smallest high resolution DV Camcorder in the world. I saw one of these and some video taken with it earlier in the week it is really superb - ideal for clipping on to your webbing as shown below.

    I won't bang on about as Andy has done a video demo. Well worth a watch.

    The price via their newsletter will be £56-50 about 30% off the RRP

    To subscribe to the newsletter go here: . The Muvi newsletter will go out later this afternoon.

    (they produce one good newsletter a month, normally with a discount or competition and you won't get any other spam)
  2. Being a bit of a geek that way, I've got to admit that is quite a good camera in such a small package.

    Currently trying to convince the Mrs htat I "need" one :D

    Wonder if I could fit one to a rifle?
  3. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Admittedly I'm a bit behind on this sort of thing (the last time I used anything like this is it had a bloody great VHS box stuck on the end of a wire and never worked anyway), but this thing really impressed me. It's incredibly cheap, solid, handled changes in ambient light and subject range very well and produced a bloody good picture. Obviously you don't have a viewfinder though - perhaps the next step in master widgetry is adding a bluetooth link to your mobile phone so you can use that.
  4. Cow

    Cow LE

    Shiiinnnnyyy..... I want one. No use for it, just do! On a rifle you'd have problems with recoile(sp?) would you not? Maybe we should ask them, get them to lend us some so we can trial it!
  5. I was thinking more "evidence" in the run up to the shot... AAR could be seen after the "split second" recoil....

    Perhaps it could be integrated in to a sight?

    I've seen coppers at crowd control carrying little cameras for later use. I wonder if there would be any mileage in issueing these out to ALL police on crowd control and amongst soldiers who could use them to record events... for their protection and for evidence purposes.
  6. That page is getting bookmarked until I get paid.