Mutual Bladestrike

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Outstanding, Jul 23, 2006.

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  1. Ouch! - does anyone have any more info on this ? did anyone walk away?
  2. I believe the aircraft were Kuwaiti Super Pumas and the incident occurred at a victory parade shortly after Gulf War 1 in 1991.
  3. Yawwwn!!!

    All the info about this incident can be found by clicking HERE!
  4. Thanks Sid, for the link, not the oh so boringly familiar sarcasm.

    Edited to add: I had wrongly assumed that the link Silsoesid provided may be a useful one so my post really should of said something along the lines of:

    Thanks Sid, for increasing your post count yet again with garbage.
  5. I spent half an hour on Google trying to find some info without any joy, and neither could you Sid by the looks of it. Just sending a smartar$e link telling us to "just f*cking Google it" is about as much use a chocolate teapot :roll: .
  6. Silo, stop proving yourself to be a grade 1 knob.

  7. i suspect that would be impossible :)
  8. Gents, I am a tube, please ignore me
  9. Sid

    As ever, you just can't stand up and say "sorry lads, I was being a dick", and even after another patronising explanation you know deep down that is exactly what you were being.

    Not everyone prides themselves on their indepth knowledge of t'interweb, some of us just ask questions, post stuff or say something that may or may not be interesting to others. Not everyone has logged 350,000 hours surfing. Not everyone knows as much as everyone else. I know that you have heard this many times on many different forums but can't you just unpeel a few layers of your thick skin occasionally and try to just be helpful?

    If a thread makes you "Yawwwn" then try to move away from it, resist the temptation to have a quick dig at the posters, leave it alone, go clean your helicopter. We know that you have been there, seen that, done this, starred in most films and co-written most plays. We know that you know everyone from everywhere and that you have seen every video and every photo, heard every joke and drunk every drink.

    Most of us haven't.

    Feel free to insert your napkin wherever you feel appropriate, I don't think anyone here needs it.
  10. Gents, I am a tube, please ignore me
  11. Gents, I am a tube, please ignore me
  12. I think you got the gist Sid, but as I can happily be as pedantic as you:

    Not everyone could in fact imply - no-one


    I didn't call anyone a knob.
  13. Apologies, I missed this.

    See, it wasn't hard was it? Well done.
  14. Gents, I am a tube, please ignore me