Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Muttley, Feb 4, 2004.

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  1. Just a quick one everyone.. Im not away sulking or anything..just got a lot on at the moment.

    Normal service will resume shortly...
  2. I thought you only got two months inside and five years on the sex offenders register?
  3. Its OK Gunny, he got off (small offensive weapon with fur and a collar) :wink:

    WB Mutters, missed ya !! 8)
  4. You was never a good shot , were you Lippy ?
  5. Blackhand as this is the Aviation Forum and not the Naafi, I am going to be very reserved in my reply :D
    Oh by the way, ends in OFF :wink:
    Flippin Heck she said, have you nicked the letters:- MOD to put on your medals me dear :roll: :D
  6. Clearly, lippy, he's a Mod and youre not and youre right, this is the Avn forum now get out. :lol:

    Mutt, thought youd gone sausage side and bought it old chum.
  7. Flash your the only one that "buys sausages' if thats how you buttocks biters phrase your filthy actionas nowadays :D
  8. no :p
  9. Come on Mutters we know your out there, get posting! :cry:

    and whilst I think on it, why are the signatures un-moving of the last day or so?????