Muttley the Dog

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by green_biker, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. Hey all,

    I did a tour at Girdwood, Belfast back in 97 and there was a dog there called Muttley who adopted the camp and used to go out on patrols with the boys.

    Anyone know what became of him?

    Also there was another dog that came onto the camp at the same time, but I can't remember anything about her except that she had pups by Muttley. I would be interested to know what happened to her as well.

  2. I'd guess muttley might be dead my now
  3. Karen Matthews adopted them and they were never seen again.....

    Rings bells will ask around :D
  4. Never saw any dogs in 2003 so possibly he is either in doggy heaven or someone adopted him
  5. I know that they are probably dead now, but I am interested in finding out what hapened to them both.

    Muttley was a brilliant dog who defended the blokes on the street against dog attacks. Never knew of him losing a fight.

    ... PRIG! That was the name of the other dog. Just remembered. :D
  6. Cool (I know my post was the most helpful :wink: )

    Dogs seem to like the squaddies 8)
  7. Muttley retired to a farm, yep honest guv! One of the roulement Bn had him away when he got too old.
    The other dog was a Lab X who was called PRIG. She was still there when I left having just had a litter of pups. Everyone assumed they were muttleys, however the old bugger was far too past it and it was in fact my AES dog who used to hang out of the back of her every evening for his R&R. :wink:
    Muttley and my trusty hund hated each other on first sight and when on camp would if they ran into each other scrap like feck, this carried on for the 4 years I spent as a handler. However on a footsie, my hound would of course take the point and Muttley would bring up the rear of the patrol. In his later days these did not last too long for him as around 30 minutes into it he would be buggered, whereupon he would keep a crafty eye out for a grey or green mobile patrol and run into the road in front of them where he was bundled in the back and taken back to Girdwood asap. :D
    Good hound, good drills and a time of my career I look back on very fondly! :wink:
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  8. Cheers mate :D
  9. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Feck me, this sounds like the making of a new Stumpy thread!

    Any good stories?
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  10. Then there was Tripod, the little Jack Russell with three legs that was resident in Middletown patrol base in Co.Armagh. Was rehomed by a member of the R Irish HS when the PB got knocked down.
  11. Well, I was first introduced to ARRSE by a mucker who sent me the Stumpy link and said it was disturbingly familiar to my past!
    Likewise a Sapper but 20 years later to the Auld_Sapper :D , likewise my hound was a Lab Bull terrier X. He was like the biggest muscly yellow lab you have ever seen, however he was short of leg, broad of chest, massive apple heid and cross eyed to feck! Thank god he had a good schnozz otherwise I would have been in the poo!

    Unlike Stumpy he wouldnt fight civvies, more like try to shag them to death. His victims included RSM's, CO's and the Sec of Staste for NI among others (and that particular occasion was in front of a minor royal :roll: ) oh and a very strange stoker on board a RN ship who had varnished toe nails! The thing that worried me was that they allegedly matched the dog to the handler, if thats the case I should be as big a sex pest as MDN! :wink:

    The Beast!
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  12. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Cheers Saps, great pic!

    Try writing some of his tails (sic) down if you get the time!
  13. Will do this weekend, wont be up to the Auld-Sappers standard though!
  14. Int it strange what you come across when your having a sherbet or twenty thirteen with your pal insomnia?

    Ubique ya bass?
  15. Twenty years later! Ya cheeky fecker! Dunno how I missed this back in day. Must've been when I was going through one of my 'The Auld Sappers Dead' phases :)

    Ubique ya bass!