I guess this has probably been done before but can't seem to find the thread.

Anybody have any particular opinions on multi-tools? What is the current weapon of choice as it were? Gerber, Leatherman or other?

I’m not from the multi-tool appreciation society, I am looking to purchase and fancied some advice. If I’ve posted in the wrong forum please move.

Leatherman Kick for me. It is the most basic version with a blade, pliers, couple of screwdrivers and a bottle opener. Never without it and haven't felt the need for anything with more gadgets
Just don't carry it other than at work if:

The blade 'locks' in place - which on most decent ones they do.

Or the 'cutting edge of the blade' is over 3'' (or helpfully 7.62 cms) long.
Leatherman charge is what I use but to be honest its a bit over the top
locking blades are great though .
Always bought Leatherman, meself, but never in the UK. Got a SuperTool in Split back in 98 for DM95.00 (£30.00) when they were goin' for £100.00 in UK, then got a Crunch from the US PX in JHQ for half the UK price.

If you know anyone whose deployed, put an order in with them once you've decided what you want.

As it happens, my tool of choice at the moment is a US Army Issue Gerber that I got for nowt from the Yanks in Iraq last year. One-handed operation is much easier than with either of my Leathermans.

You pays yer money...etc!
Leatherman Super Tool 200, for men rather than the gay Wave!!
I use the Gerber Legend....Cracking bit of kit, and has done me proud for over 7 years now.....
I've had 2 Gerbers-the blades have snapped on both of them.

I've got 3 Leathermans (Original, Wave, Sideclip)-they've never let me down.

Go for the Leatherman-better build quality IMO.
ashford_old_school said:
Leatherman Super Tool 200, for men rather than the gay Wave!!
I am reliable informed that the gay multi tool is the victornix one :?
why this is I dont know just is :D
Leatherman wave..... especially if you're extra keen and get the special edition 20th anniversary black one!...... though a bit of a bugger if you drop it at night!!!!

Have a gerber survival knife (for scuba) though... sharpest thing ever....

All a matter of whether you want a corkscrew (swiss army) or something that will go on and on and on... til you lose it.

Hey woody, I've got one of those (just 'cause it was on special) and I'm not one of those either, so nyer
Leatherman original, deffo the best quality. Blade is stronger than the Gerber but i use both, because the Gerber version i have is more versatile. It has the screwdriver attachments etc etc so i mix and match.

Probably no help but.............Hey ho!
I'm still using a B&Q special I got 5 years ago. It was only a few quid, the advantage been that if I lose it then I havn't spluffed £50
I got my sister to bring over a Leatherman Surge when she was over from the States. Worked out half price. Since I'm TA and a recuit at that it spends more time attached to my civil gear (if I'm on a client site/doing DIY/Mountain biking/etc). Great bit of kit. Also got a Swiss army knife if I want some thing light.

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