Mutiny on the Trafalgar!

So keelhauling is off the statute books then?

And I guess Nuclear Subs don't carry yardarms. :D

Is it Mutiny , or just a wobbly moment discipline wise?

maybe one of our matelots could care to give the Andrew view?
PTP, when any of the services use armchair warriors, comment.

1000s of feet below and even the slightist bang, i'd pooh myself !! Yeah, those involved need to stag on with extras till they can clain a pension, but fcuk dive, dive, dive..............bang !!

Perhaps you missed the smiley , and the comment "wobbly moment discipline wise"? Especially, as Mutiny, is a nasty emotive word, which I don't think the Navy used. Especially as the men concerned are being offered counselling, as opposed to a Court -Martial.

I wouldn't like to be stuck in a sardine can with thousands of tonnes of water outside. As far as I'm concerned, it takes a special breed to even get into one of the damn things in the first place.

Some of us were offered a trip in Superb when she made her run back to the UK . Not for me thank you very much
It takes a special breed, and 9.80 (ish) extra a day, rising to 17 quid depending on length of service. They can also get extra dosh for nuclear watchkeeping qualifications. To give an example of how this all adds up, I knew a CPOMEA who was pulling down 48k per year. That said, I still would not do it. They can spend up to 12 weeks at a time submerged, on the bombers.
Willing to be corrected on the precise pay, but it is broadly correct.
I don't care how broadly correct the pay is Bernoulli - It could broadly be doubled and you still would not get me on a sub.
As for the "Special/Hazardous Duty Pay", latest is that, your friend and mine, the Rt. Hon. Buff, is planning to axe it. How many volunteers for submarines can he expect then? :evil:
Not totally accurate, the're planning to axe it when your not doing the job for which the allowance is paid. I.E. the submariner pay would only be paid for the time you are at sea, para pay would only be paid when you are in an airbourne unit etc. How the bloody hell they are going to administer that i dont know. It sends shivers down pay clerks spines when i ask for LSSA to be paid correctly. No doubt they will put a 10 day qualifying period on it, like LSSA, and then start sending you on loads of 9 day exercises. Cynical, moi :wink:
My longest stint all at one time was 78 days. If I had been in the same situation, it would be a loss of confidence in the CO, but I'd still go back. As long as the CO had been replaced.
But you have to bear in mind the fact that the Sunday Mail has a history of absolutely hating the RN having SSNs and SSBNs in Scotland. It's a pointless paper read by pointless (and pointy-headed) people.

As far as I can tell, this was absolutely not a mutiny. Having been dived in an SSN, I can tell you it's a weird unnerving experience at the best of times and that lot deserve their extra pay twice over. When TRAF hit the rocks it scared a lot of people (anyone see the photos?) on board and all 11 involved here were there at the time. Smelling diesel on a nuclear vessel would give me the shits even if the hull hadn't been trashed 2 years previously, so I don't blame them at all. Still, not great PR is it?
Nope, definately couldn't do it. Have bad enough coffin dreams on frigates, let alone something that really was a coffin just waiting to happen. 8O
But you have to bear in mind the fact that the Sunday Mail has a history of absolutely hating the RN having SSNs and SSBNs in Scotland. It's a pointless paper read by pointless (and pointy-headed) people
It certainly has, is, and the readership would make the chavs on one of the other threads look intelligent!

Respect is due to those that spend large chunks of their life underwater.
All these people scared of submarines!!

But do you fly? The principle is basically the same, - tin tube and pressure. If tube bursts survival chances slim.

There is an argument that rescue from 100 feet underwater is easier than 100 above ground. :D
Fear of being crushed to death aside i would not be particularly happy about being submerged with 100 plus blokes and no way out!
Will chicks ever be allowed to serve on Subs?
I thought there would be a queue of chicks waiting to join the silent service
New boss at Faslane is a woman...announced on ModWeb with title "Lady Boss at Faslane" or something like that....thought it read "Lady Boy" at first glance, must be dyslexic!
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