Mutants in the armed forces.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by RhinoGirl, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. Ok, I posted this in the joining up thread where it was met with derision and mockery before being unceremoniously thrown away to somewhere called 'the hole' :cry:

    PLEASE someone give me advice. Does anyone know of any other mutants who may have had a successful career in the armed forces? Are there any other mutants on arrse who could advise?
  2. I dont think being a mutant is a problem but having mental issues and being a bit of a penis might be a problem.
  3. Oh, i said problem twice in one sentence,maybe it was fate as thats what you are.
  4. Just boring now.All the pun's are used.
  5. Maybe you need a little powdered horn to chill?

  6. Is this your mum?


    If you're not careful, we'll saw your feet off too you unfunny pleb.
  7. You could join the IBA - run by one of Croydon's finest, the Baron Castleshort - and fight terrorism worldwide.
  8. My aunt Doris bless her :roll:
  9. You should fit in quite well ... I trained dozens of mutants when an instructor at a training establishment. :D
  10. u shud write a book.
  11. u shud try reading one.
  12. i read loads,recent 1 has bin echoes from the mist.
  13. What bit about poor eyesight didn't you understand?

    or rather (especially for you);

    wot bit bout pore isite didnt u unerstan?
  14. Knock it off Smiley, you are a previously banned member and not a very funny one. Do one.

    Rhino, well done, another thread in the hole