Must watch video for anyone with an interest in foxes



That wasted 3 seconds of my life before clicking the off button!
3 seconds? You missed the best bit!
Fer fox sake!
I was expecting something about gingers

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Fair play to the singing chap for keeping straight face and for persuading some idiot to give him money to make a video.

However, I don't care what the fox says...

Rodney2q says he'll stick to Volbeat and Led Zeppelin


I think we're missing the important bits.

Both 'cat' and 'mouse' would fucking get it.


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I think just watching a few seconds of that has given me fucking Tourettes. Cunts.
Nothing strange there. Just proof foreigners will always be foreign.
I notice he also forgot to mention what sound Megs make so slightly dissapointed.
It's a good question Monty and I'm glad you asked it. There was, we believe a fibrous connective tissue known as the tracheal abducter mandibulae which, connected to the levator hyomandibulae, may have had the ability to vibrate and create very basic sound waves which would have been detectible to other Megs however there is much debate over wether this was indeed possible or even indeed if it had any practical use. The dominant school of thought amongst many palenatologists is that it was used as a mating call, very much like whales communicate to attract other mates as, other than mating, Megs are solitary creatures, very much like modern day sharks. We really should go for a drink sometime Monty, there's a Harvester down my way that does a fantastic pint of Ruddles.
What the fox hat?

Hardest part to accept is he's earning more money than I am.

George Galloway now dressing as a cow..

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