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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ex_donkey_man, Apr 26, 2011.

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  1. After someone else's thread which generally points at the fact that "The only way is Essex" is about as popular as the NDM, what would you say is must watch TV?

    Personally I have to go with Shameless & Benidorm!

    And as we are in the NAAFI bar - Internet wise - Hot sex tube, becuase it's a piece of piss to download vids on Firefox!
  2. Currently topping my list is

    Game of Thrones - Tits, Swords, a randy Dwarf and incest all in the first episode
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  3. ................and spartacus, gods of the arena, Tits, minges, humping, loads of gratuitous violence, oh and a few tits as well!
  4. Boardwalk Empire is / was good, 2nd series due out soon I hear.

    Yep Game of Thrones is top notch, but Sean Bean looks like he's had a rough ride recently !
  5. I am also completely hooked on this... though I have changed the name to Blood and Tits

  6. The series just ended but 'Mrs Brown's Boy's was awesome!
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  7. Good call Boardwalk Empire is quality !! just sat through the boxset of series one and wanting for 2 to come out
  8. (my Bold)..

    How very dare you!!!


  9. 4 wives down and one to go. No wonder he looks fcuked! Probably overworked to keep the alimony in the post or alternatively playing Andy McNabb in that God awfull film has caused art to imitate real life. Both have notched a few trips up the aisle.
  10. To be honest its nice to see him something where he doesnt get killed in the first episode...

  11. few years ago now, but I've just re-watched it, ROME.

    HBO do some good stuff, unfortunately over here in t'sand pit we get a lot of USA TV, but every now & then a quality show comes along.

    Also, look out for Detroit 187 (apologies if already on / or been on in UK), trailer here:
    YouTube - Detroit 187 Trailer
  12. detroit 187 is pretty good. deadwood is pretty
    full on as well.
  13. Just finished but . .

    BBC3 - White Van Man
    UK Gold - The Thick of it (Repeats of series 3)
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  14. I'm still gutted the Sopranos is finished forever. Oh well always got the box sets!